by - March 05, 2015

**All photos are screen captured from IPSY.com

To go along with the new website look, my Ipsy spoilers post is going to also look a little different. I have to say, even though the new look of the website is very sleek, it does make the screencaps a little bit more of a pain. Anyway, this month's theme, as you can see above, is Floral Fantasy and it will be housed in a turquoise and white bag this month. As you'll recall, I have been considering parting ways with Ipsy for the past couple of months, but I keep holding on because I have convinced myself that as soon as I unsubscribe there's going to be a bad that I'll be really disappointed for having not received. 

Anyway, if you want to take a look at all of the products and tools that will be included in this month's bag, keep reading.


1. NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick
2. pūr-lisse beauty - pūr-delicate gentle soymilk cleanser & makeup remover
3. Boo Boo Cover Up - Boo Boo Cover Up Medium Shade ( :( )
4. Dr. Brandt Skincare - Pores No More Anti-Aging Mattifying Lotion
5. Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind - Illuminating Face Highlighter

I really think I need to check my profile and see what my skintone is listed as, because I'm pretty sure I would have told them that I am fair... but every time there's a medium toned concealer, I seem to end up with in it my bag and it's legitimately unusable. Anyway, I guess we'll see how it goes. Maybe it'll miraculously be really light and I'll be able to use it. I'm also hopeful that the pink highlighter will work as a kind of glowy blush for me. I am, however, pretty excited about the Dr. Brandt product, because the last product I received from Pores No More was a big hit for me.

Now onto the other products included in bags this month...

1. Coolway - Glow Oil Treatment
2. Sexy Hair - Soy Renewal Créme Oil
3. Crown Brush - Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush
4. Equitance - Brightening Serum & Spot Corrector
5. Pixi by Petra - Mesmerizing Mineral Duo 
6. Chella - Ivory Lace Highlighter
7. Lashem - 3-in-1 Eye Bright
8. Milani Cosmetics - Color Statement Nail Lacquer
9. Crown Brush - Oval Concealer Brush
10. St Ives - Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
11. Gilchrist & Soames - London Collection Body Lotion
12. Mary Kay @ Play - Eye Crayon
13. LeeAnni Eco 3-in-1 Revolution Light
14. Acure - Day Cream
15. Evelyn Iona Cosmetics - Concealer
16. NYX Cosmetics - Glam Shadow
17. LANEIGE - BB Cushion
18. skyn ICELAND - Hydra Cool Firming Eye Gels
19. MARSK - Mineral Eyeshadow

So. After looking through the list, I'm actually pretty happy with the choices that were in my bag. I would have been happy to receive the hair products that were listed first and second and possibly that potted concealer if it was going to be in a lighter shade, but other than that I feel like I'm more into what's coming in my bag.

That said, we'll have to see how I feel about the bag when it gets here. I'm crossing my fingers for Ipsy success! Cross with me, friends!

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