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I'm gonna come out and say right now that I am a jerk. Why am I a jerk, you ask? Because my favorites this month includes 3 products that are limited edition and no longer available. I considered not keeping them in, but I wanted to really just feature the things that I've been using the most this month and these are them. Also, I feel like there might be some people who have these things tucked away in their collection like I did, just waiting to be used. And one more also... There's one product that I'm hoping to put out into the universe in hopes that the vibes will make the company bring the product back for another limited run. We'll get to that later!

This month's favorites is very makeup heavy, which I always find to be more exciting, and this month it was all about that face... 'bout that face... (Har har, I hate myself.) Anyway. if you're interested in seeing what I've been loving this month, keep reading!


1. Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

I've had this in my collection about as long as I've had this blog, but I tend to love things and then forget that I own them. It was after a suggestion from another Canadian Beauty Blogger that I pull this back out and start using it again after my last serum ran out. This stuff is the business, you guys. I'm sure you've heard of all of the benefits of snail slime and bee venom, so I'll save that and just tell you... This stuff works. It almost seems like it shouldn't, being that it's such a light gel texture, but it really does. When I use this, my skin looks fresher and healthier, which is really all you can ask for. Time to order a backup!

2. Julep Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

This is another one that has been in my collection for a while but hasn't gotten enough love. I actually started using this almost exclusively on my cuticles this month, because they were a mess and needed some intense moisture, but I also like to really use argan oil on my skin and hair. Honestly, I feel like all 100% argan oils should be created equal, so I don't really have much to say. This is a beast on your cuticles though, so I'm loving it.

3. Bath & Body Works Sexy Dahlia Rush Glam Hair Texturizing Spray

This is the product that I'm trying to will Bath & Body Works to bring back, because the idea of using it up just makes me feel sad. The struggle is real, ladies. This stuff is amazing. I bought it well over a year ago, but I tend to find it's a much more spring/summer type scent so I don't use it much in the cold months. But you guys. YOU GUYS. This smell is so amazing and it lasts so well in my hair that I'll get whiffs of it when my hair moves throughout the day and it's just. Incredible. I mean. Yeah. Bath & Body Works needs to bring this scent back so that I can buy backups of backups of backups of it. Mmm.

4. Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette

I picked this up on Boxing Day with a gift card and then proceeded to not use it. I couldn't even tell you why I didn't use it, but I suspect that it was because I wasn't so much in a glow space when the winter was at it's most brutal. Now that the weather is getting better, I find myself grabbing for this ever day. There's just something about these blushes. Like the Ambient Lighting Powders, they're not shimmery... they just give this luminous look to the skin that looks radiant and healthy. I have a feeling that this blush is going to get a whole bunch of love over the summer, I really do. 

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

My love for this palette is going strong. I picked this up at the end of last summer as a birthday present to myself and it's just as gorgeous to me now as when I bought it. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use the bronzier shade on my fair skin, but I absolutely love Dim Light as a really subtle, gorgeous contour powder (seriously, pale girls, try it!) and Incandescent Light has officially convinced me that I should actually be on the highlighter train. I think this month was all about the anticipation of spring and the spring glow that comes with it for me, because I've been reaching for this every day as well.

6. L'Oreal Infallbily Pro Matte Powder

Did I review this? I should probably go check and see if I reviewed this. Either way, this powder is probably my favorite in the drugstore. In fact, it might be edging the Rimmel Stay Matte powder out of the #1 spot for me. This could be because I've mostly been using the Infallible Pro Matte foundation and the two pair together absolutely beautifully, but also because it doesn't seem to cake up on me at all. I especially like to press under my eyes with my BeautyBlender to set my concealer and I find that it looks absolutely smooth and flawless there. Perfection. I may have found a new holy grail drugstore powder!

7. Maybelline FIT Me Concealer

This is not a new love for me, but an old love renewed. For several months, I've been pretty consistently sticking to my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, but I decided to pick up a new tube of this concealer this month and the love has absolutely been rekindled. This is the best concealer in the drugstore, if you ask me. It has good coverage, great consistency, and blends out like a dream. I like to use shade 15 for under my eyes to give some brightness since shade 10 is too yellow for me and actually feels a little bit deeper. I'm sure you either use this or have heard 23095820359 good things about it by now, but I'm just going to toss my hat in the ring of lovers of this concealer.

8. essence Limited Edition Beach Cruiser Bronzer

Another limited edition product... I know, I'm a jerk. However, I picked this up last summer after seeing it raved on various blogs, and then I literally never put it on my face. I have this thing where I always want to wear bronzer and then I never do. Because I am lame like that. However, now that I've found a brush that makes applying bronzer a no brainer (keep a lookout for a review in the near future) I'm using it a lot more often. As a pale girl, bronzer can be difficult, but this one is just super pretty. I'm hoping that Essence does a really good summer collection again this year, because last year was a winner, and if they happen to bring something like this out again I say it's worth a pick up. This is just so pretty and subtle and gives a really healthy, sunkissed look to my pasty skin.

9. Lorac Tease Me Truffles Plum Eyeshadow Quad

Limited edition again. I know. This came in a set with three other quads and I picked it up on Hautelook for a shamefully affordable price... and then didn't really use it. This is a theme with me. I pick up something beautiful and then only use it once or twice until I rediscover it. This palette is gorgeous for creating a beautiful plum eye look, whether it be really soft and pretty or dark and smoky. I've used it both ways this month and I couldn't be happier with the looks that have come out of it. Definitely time to get back into these quads on a regular basis, because quality and performance is just top notch. Can't say Lorac doesn't do gorgeous shadows, can we?

10. Sonia Kashuk Tools No. 17 Brush

I picked this up at Target once everything started going on liquidation and it makes me wish that I'd picked up pretty much every brush in this range. I think this has officially taken top spot as my favorite brush to apply blush with. It's fluffy so it doesn't apply product too denseley, but it's also quite small so you can get a more precise but blended application. I've been all about face this month, so this has gotten a lot of play. I also feel like this would be a really good brush for placing contour, if that's your thing and have just decided to try it in that capacity with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. If any of my fellow Canadian girls can still find this brush in their local Target, I highly recommend grabbing it before it's gone.



I feel like I've favorited Vikings before, but it's for good reason. The writing on this show is top shelf, the characters are interesting and well rounded, and somehow they manage to have pacing that should almost feel slow but absolutely doesn't. It's always building towards something and you can feel it, but can't ever really guess what it is. Honestly, this is one of the best shows on TV right now and I can't get enough. I'm already bummed that this season is going to end, because I just want more and more and more. Anyone else feel like cable network short seasons are both amazing and devastating? 

St. Louis Premium Peche Lambic

Is it weird that I put beer in my favorites? I don't actually drink all that much, but when spring/summer rolls around I've been finding that I absolutely love to kick back and enjoy Belgian fruit beers. This is a new find for me this month and I wasn't sure how I was going to enjoy it - For me, it's all about a cherry Kreik or a lemon shandy - but I'm absolutely in love with it. It has a rich, fresh taste to it that doesn't run too sweet the way a lot of the berry beers do. I like to have this in a glass over ice, the way that you're meant to drink a Kreik, and it's just gorgeous. I have a feeling that this is going to be my summer BBQ&Bonfire beverage of choice.

Julie Garwood - Highlands' Lairds Series

So... I love romance novels, I think we've mentioned this before and I think I've given a long explanation of why I feel absolutely no shame about that. When it comes to historical romance there's nothing I love more than Julie Garwood writing about Highlanders. I challenge anyone who even remotely enjoys romance novels to pick up one of these Julie Garwood books and not find themselves unable to put it down. They're easy reads, to be sure, but that's how I like my romance novels. I've read both of these books at least twice, possibly three times, in the past, and they always seem to be a no-brainer when I'm looking for an easy re-read that I know I'm going to enjoy. I picked up The Secret early in March and read it in one very long sitting, and I'm about ¾ of the way through Ransom at this point. They're just so easily enjoyable, with a little bit of intrigue in each and amazing characters. I wish Julie Garwood would go back to historicals, because from where I'm standing she does it better than just about everyone else.

So there you have it, another month another set of favorites. Thanks for reading!

What are you loving at the moment? I'd love to hear about your current favorites or your experiences with any of the things mentioned here!

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