REVIEW: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick*

by - March 10, 2015

Product was provided for review*

Raise your hand if this winter has been murder on your skin! For me, I feel like every winter - no matter the weather - gets a little bit harder on my skin each year. I suppose that has to do with aging and that I should probably start paying more attention to all the things I need to do to maintain moisture in my skin. Anyway, I've been pretty aware of just how much the extreme temperatures and dry air has been affecting my skin this winter and I've been doing what I can to replace the moisture in my skin and protect it from the elements. So... now that I've given you the rundown on my current skin situation (which I'm sure you were all DYING to learn about....) let's take a look at the product I'm reviewing today!

Keep reading for my thoughts on the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick*.

From Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula:
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick provides on-the-spot help for marks and blemishes and is ideal for touch-up moisturizing on face and body.  Also may be used to moisturize and soothe dry, cracked, chapped lips.

In the photos, this may look like a lip balm, but the tube is actually quite a lot bigger than a lip balm - It's about 3x the product and I'd say the tube is probably twice the size. I've found that this is a genuine multi-tasking product that I've personally used it a few different ways. The first way I've used this is as a nighttime lip balm. I find that this works well for that purpose because it's really moisturizing without being too greasy and hits my lips with enough moisture to keep them soft and hydrated all night. The second way that I've used this is on my cuticles, which have been hating me this entire winter. I don't like to rub this directly onto my cuticles from the stick, and instead with just get some on my fingertip and really work it into the cuticles. It works incredibly well for this purpose and I always find my cuticles softer and less jacked up after I've used this. Finally, I did try this out on a couple of really dry patches of skin, but I didn't find that I really liked the feel of it on my skin like that.

My verdict on this product is that it is absolutely great as a lip or cuticle balm and I would highly recommend trying it out if you're looking for something new in that arena. This is a very affordable product, available at Walmart and various drugstores, that is competitively priced with a lot of lipbalms, but you get a lot more product in the tube and it works well as a multitasker. And of course, like all Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula products, it smells absolutely delicious - and there ain't nothin' wrong with that.

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