REVIEW: Oz Naturals 5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum*

by - May 11, 2015

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As you can probably tell, I've been all about skin care for the past couple of months. As I start to see real improvement in my skin, I'm more and more determined to find a really good arsenal of products that will offer all of the different things that my skin needs to stay healthy, hydrated, and blemish free. Not too much to ask, right? I also really love serums. They're one of my favorite parts of my skin care routine and one of the products that I think I tend to see some of the best results from. You'll recall that I recently reviewed the Oz Naturals 20% Vitamin C Serum, which I really enjoyed and has since stayed in rotation in my skin care routine. However, more recently I've been trying out the Oz Naturals 5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum* and I'm ready to give you my thoughts on it.

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From Oz Naturals:
OZ Natural's natural and organic hyaluronic acid serum is considered to be the highest quality HA serum on the market.

CLINICAL STRENGTH anti aging, anti wrinkle serum (no cream) is proven to plump skin & fill in those fine lines and wrinkles.

THIS HYALURONIC ACID SERUM is guaranteed to give you that dewy, moisture boost needed to achieve that youthful glow & is proven to reduce skin's fine lines and wrinkles.

Our CRUELTY FREE, vegan hyaluronic acid serum does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is safe for all skin types - This hyaluronic acid serum for your face is an extremely effective anti aging, anti wrinkle treatment.

MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility - OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti aging products on the market - OZ Naturals products work & they work extremely well - This HA serum will provide your skin a more youthful appearance upon 1st use - We guarantee you'll get results!

Like the Oz Naturals 20% Vitamin C Serum, this comes houses in a small glass bottle with a dropper. However, this bottle is clear while the other was a dark brown colour to protect the vitamin C from deteriorating under the light. I like this style of packaging because it is very straightforward and effective. There are no bells and whistles, but I think this is still good looking packaging that speaks to the pared down nature of the brand itself.


I've always found that Hyaluronic Acid is a really good product for my skin, particularly during the colder months when my skin really needs a good boost of moisture. I think the thing that I like most about hyaluronic products is that they give me a hefty dose of moisture that plumps my skin and makes it look healthier and more youthful without any worry about clogging my pores or leaving a greasy residue on the skin. For me, this product absolutely does that.
I like to apply this in the morning before I apply my daytime moisturizer. The one drawback of this product for me is that it does take a few minutes to really sink into the skin and dry, but I find that if I brush my teeth between this and my moisturizer that is plenty of time. I don't find any disruption of my makeup from using this product and I think it does really help to keep my skin hydrated and plumped through the day.

I was expecting this product to have a similar texture to the Vitamin C Serum, but this is actually a much thicker consistency that I would compare to aloe vera. It's a very slippery gel like texture that is completely clear. I like to drop about a dime sized amount of this into my palm and first smooth it over the skin before using my fingertips to press it into the skin further. I find this really effective for applying the product.
Overall, I think this is a really good product if you're looking for a good boost of healthy moisture in your skin. I haven't noticed any enduring results as I think this is a product that gives me a temporary plumpness to my skin rather than an enduring one, but I still think it's a good product and worth a try. It's cruelty free, vegan, Made In The USA, and contains quite a good list of natural, nourishing ingredients.

The Oz Naturals 5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum* is available for purchase on Amazon.

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