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I know that it becomes somewhat predictable when people say that they can't believe another month has gone by... But seriously, how is it already June 1st? I have to admit, I'm excited for these summer months, so the passage of time doesn't bother me so much, but I'd love to be able to slow it down so that I can really soak up the next few months casually. Anyway, it's been kind of a weird month weatherwise here in Winnipeg, from incredibly hot to literally freezing cold with a couple of days, but it seems to be leveling out. The garden is planted, the AC has been turned on, and it's time for summer. For me, that means paying a little more attention to the skin on my body than I might when I get to cover it up in heavy sweaters all winter, and paring down my makeup to something a little more simple. I feel like that's really the theme with this month's favorites!

So, without further adieu and chitchat from me, keep reading for a closer look at the products I've been absolutely loving this month!


1. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Body Lotion
Admittedly, this isn't actually the type of scent that I normally gravitate towards, but I've  been using this constantly after I get out of the shower (which is before bed about 85% of the time!) and I love it. The lotion itself soaks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth, and the scent is just... Mmm. It's so sexy and, yep, sensual that I can barely handle it. I want to try a couple more of the B&BW Aromatherapy products now, since this is my first and I love it so hard.

2. c. Booth Walnut Shell Body Scrub & Cleanser
As far as scents go, this is a lot more typical of the type of scent I like to slather onto my body. This is just so incredibly rich and nutty in scent that I want to just bask in it... Like, seriously, can I just have a little sniffer of this scent to take on the go? It's a good scrub, not too abrasive on the skin while still being effective, and I like that it's a natural scrub rather than something that's going to kill all the marine life. Know what I mean? Anyway, this is a great, affordable scrub and I would highly recommend it.

3. AERIN Waterlily Sun Eau De Parfum 
You might recall that I received this scent in a Glossybox recently and felt like I probably shouldn't be as into it as I was... And I can tell you, I'm even more into it now. I've been wearing it pretty consistently, which makes me worried I'm going to go through it before I know it, but it's just such a beautiful, feminine, sophisticated scent that I can't help myself. I'm calling it now, this is going to be my summer scent this year for sure!

4. COLAB Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo in RIO Tropical
You may remember that I featured the LONDON Classic scent of this product in my last monthly favorites, but on the suggestion of another blogger I tried out the RIO scent and I love it even more. In the summer, I love tropical scents a lot and this one is great. On top of the scent, I'm still pretty much obsessed with this formula of dry shampoo - especially since I recently chopped about 8 inches of hair off and I can't pull dirty hair into a sneaky, messy bun anymore. This has been a real life saver.

5. ETIVAL Laboratoire Ener-C Mist
I planned on doing a full review of this product (and I still might) but I couldn't leave it out of the favorites. I've been using this mist pretty much every single day since I got it a few weeks ago and I love it. It has a lot of great skin loving ingredients, but mostly it makes my skin feel fresh and hydrated with a bright orange scent that seems to perk me up no matter how I'm feeling. Yep, look for a full review soon.

6. Royal Nature The Original Soothing Blemish Balm
Months ago, I received this BB Cream in a Memebox, and I was liked it from the first time I tried it. It has good coverage with a really skin like finish, which I really enjoy. I find that it wears really nicely on my skin and has that really nourishing feel that I think a true BB cream should have. I have to go out on a limb and say that this is probably my favorite BB cream of all the ones in my collection at the moment - which is saying something!

7. Doucce Mineral Matt Lipstick
I very recently got this in a Glossybox, but I couldn't leave it out of this posts because I've literally worn it every day since. I'm definitely a matte lipstick kind of a girl and this beautiful mauve shade is absolute perfection. It applies a little dry, but it feels incredibly comfortable on the lips and wears for ages. Honestly, I think I need to look into this brand further and pick up a few more of the lip products!

8. Wet N Wild Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana
First off... Not a bronzer. This is a beautiful, natural highlighter from the drugstore that really wins it for me. I can't wear really intense powder highlights generally because they really draw attention to uneven texture on my skin, so I tend to stick to more natural glow products and this one is really great. I find that it really draws light to my face without drawing attention to my imperfections... What more could I want? Oh. Yeah, I'd want it to be under $5, and it is!

9. City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon
I don't know what it is, since this is a pretty new thing for me, but I've been so drawn to blushes in the peachy coral family lately that it's pretty much all I've been wearing. I'm definitely usually more about cooler pink tones, but this has been my absolute go to lately. I really wish that we could get City Color products here in Canada, because if we could I would literally have every shade of this blush in my collection. They're silky and smooth with amazing pigmentation that blends out gorgeously on the cheeks. I think I need a trip south of the border to get my hands on more of these!


Okanagan Premium BC Cider Sampler
Unsurprisingly, as the weather gets warmer you start to see some adult beverages popping up in my favorites. I'm not a big drinker, but when summer comes around I really like a fresh, crisp cider or fruit beer these days. This sampler pack has been my go to recently. It includes Crisp Apple, Harvest Pear, Ginger Apple, and Blackberry ciders and every single one of them is incredibly delicious. I have a feeling Okanagan is going to be getting a lot of my money this summer!

Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters
So, I got a sample of this in my Sample Source box and it was love at first bite. This is the kind of snack that I prefer to indulge it - not necessarily GOOD for you, but not outrightly bad in small doses either. Also, delicious. Like genuinely delicious, with enough texture to make it enjoyable to eat. I'm in, Brookside. I'm in.

The First Shop Of Coffee Prince
After giving this drama as a recommendation to someone, I decided that I needed a rewatch, so I stole whatever moments I could and watched this all over again on Netflix. And I loved it just as much as the first time, noticed things that I either missed the first time or just didn't manage to remember, and had good laughs and cries while watching this. Did I mention that I love K-Dramas? I LOVE K DRAMAS!!!!

Anyway, there are the things that I've been loving for the last month! I hope you enjoyed reading about them!

What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments!

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