HAUL: Freedom Makeup London

by - June 25, 2015

You may recall how much I liked the various items that I picked up from Makeup Revolution. If you do, you won't be surprised that when Freedom Makeup London, a company under the same umbrella as Makeup Revolution, launched I was eager to make my first order. Because they were offering Free International Shipping as well as a coupon code for 20% off, I really couldn't resist - Could I? Anyway, it took a while for this to get to me (not the fault of the company, but a fact of life in regards to overseas shipping and customs) but has finally arrived and I'm so excited to show you guys what I picked up!

Keep reading for a closer look at what I grabbed!

Mono Eyeshadows - CAD$1.94 Each
SHADES: Nude 207, Nude 208, Gilded 216, Gilded 218, Gilded 220

I was tempted to order the entire collection of single eyeshadows, because it would have cost under $40 for 30 shadows, but I decided to just stick with 5 shades that I knew I would use... but now that I've swatched them I really wish I had just gone for it and ordered the entire collection. Beautiful. The pale pinky shade (which is gilded 216) is a little chunky with glitter, so it's not the best texture, but the other 4 are absolutely stunning!

Pro Contour Kit - CAD$ 6.79

So... I don't own a contour kit, even though I've been incredibly tempted by some of the more popular ones. Why, you ask? Because I don't actually love how contouring looks. However, this one was incredibly affordable and I figured it was worth a shot. I really like the shades in here, I have to say. The highlight shade reminds me of the Banana type shades from the higher end contour kits, and the contour shade has a good amount of pink in it that I think will work nicely on my skin. I was a little surprised, however, at how tiny it is. I mean... it's a lot smaller than it looks in pictures. Even still, I think it'll last me a while and is easily, and affordably, repurchased if I desire.

Pro Highlight - CAD$ 5.82
SHADE: Brighten

Honestly, I had completely forgotten that I ordered this... but I'm so glad I did. Lately, I've been getting more and more into using highlight - I know, I'm late to the game - and this one is a surprisingly pretty shade. I would say it's a pinky champagne shade, but it has a kind of peachy/lavendar glow that is unlike anything in my collection. I'm not sure how it's going to work on the skin, but I can't wait to try it.

Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palette - CAD$ 7.76
SHADE: Audacious 3

I'm still chuckling about the name of this because... You guys know why! But after the chuckling stops... You guys, this palette basically has the best shades ever for me. Lately, I've been so drawn to these kinds of rosy toned neutrals (like the ones you'll find in the UD NAKED 3 palette, which I don't own) so this is just a bit of a hallelujah moment for me. I have swatched these and I have to say... Wow. I'm impressed. I absolutely can't wait to try this out on my eyes.

So there you have it... My very first (and likely not last) Freedom Makeup London haul. When I ordered, they were offering 20% off as well as free International shipping, so this order ended up costing me under $25 and you really can't beat that.

If you're interested in trying out Freedom Makeup London, they will send you a 20% coupon code for your first order if you sign up for their newsletter - which is more than worth it, if you ask me.

Check back in the near future for reviews of these products - and if there's one you'd like to see reviewed first, please comment down below and let me know! Thanks for reading and come back soon!

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