eBay FINDS #2: QiBest Lip Series Long Lasting Lip Gloss

by - November 10, 2015

Quite some time ago now, I reviewed $1 matte liquid lipsticks that I got on eBay and when I reviewed them, I felt a lot more positive about them than I do after having worn them a few more times. They are so sticky that I have trouble wearing them. You can powder them down so that they're more comfortable, but I just don't find myself reaching for them because they're a pain in the ass. So, of course, when I saw a new set of matte liquid lipsticks on eBay for under US$1.50, I decided to give them a go and crossed my fingers that they weren't going to have the same sticky problem.

In this edition of eBay Finds, let's talk about the QiBest Lip Series Long Lasting Lip Glosses... which really aren't glosses at all! Keep reading for more!

First of all, let's talk about the formula. First and foremost, these products absolutely do set to a completely matte finish. There's no stickiness left on the lips at all. Instead, these have an almost powdery feel on the lips that is quite dry. Like... really dry. I don't find it uncomfortable or tight as long as I apply a really thin layer of the product, but if I apply a thick layer it's somewhat akin to acrylic paint, if you know what I mean. I absolutely recommend applying this over a balm, though I do find that you can also apply a balm over them if they're feeling overly dry and you will still get a very good wear time out of them.

As for the packaging... I mean, it's really cute and sleek, right? It clearly reminds me of the Maybelline packaging that is pretty much exactly the same, but I don't mind that. I actually really, really like the look and feel of the packaging, but I do have one significant problem with the functionality of the packaging. I feel like there needs to be some kind of stopper in the tube that helps to remove some of the product from the applicator, because there's just too much on the doe foot and it makes application a little bit difficult. And speaking of the doe foot, I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of it either. It's very short and very stiff, which makes it quite difficult to work with, unfortunately.

In the tube, this appears to be a slightly grey toned mauve nude shade. However, on the lips this sets quite a bit deeper and much more mauve than nude. This is obviously no problem for me since mauve lip products are pretty much my favorites, but I think a lot of people who were expecting to get a shade even similar to the one in the tube would be very disappointed by #18. Also - and this is a very weird aspect of this shade - if you press your lip together or brush your finger over your lips to smooth the product, it will instantly deepen up further. Seriously, this shade is weird.

Again, in the tube this actually looks like a rosy berry shade, but it deepens up to an almost wine shade with a brownish undertone. I think this was the hardest one for me to work with, because it's such a punchy shade that you have to be really careful with the application. If you're going to try this shade, I would highly recommend applying it with a lip brush rather than the doe foot. Again, if what you want is the rosy mauve shade that you see in the picture (or in the tube...) you will not get what you want with this one.

This shade is definitely the most true to colour, though not at all what I was expecting when I ordered online. I would say that this is a very bright fuscia berry shade that is actually surprisingly wearable when applied (though still bright, which I have to stress). I think this actually might have the best formula as well, since it feels a slight bit thinner and applies a little more easily. This one is also quite a bit more sheer, which I think makes it wearable but some other people might find disappointing.

Overall, I think these are definitely $1 lipsticks, along with all that that implies. They definitely don't have the stickiness of the other $1 eBay liquid lipsticks, but they're very dry in texture and get cakey very quickly if you apply more than the thinnest layer. They also have a tendency to flake, which is very gross to both look at and feel. I would only really recommend these to people who really, REALLY don't mind a really dry formula liquid lipstick. Otherwise, I would just skip them. It's only a good deal if you're going to wear them, right?

Thanks for reading!

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