FIRST IMPRESSION: Palmetto Derma Skin Care*

by - November 26, 2015

*Products were provided for PR Purposes.

Now, normally I give most skin care products 2-4 weeks of consistent use before I review them. I do this because I feel like that's what's necessary for me to really gauge the effectiveness of a product and cement how I really feel about it. HOWEVER, I wanted to get this post out quickly since Palmetto Derma is having SUCH a great pair of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and I really wanted to give that a mention here in case anyone is looking to try out this brand for the first time, since it is a luxury price point - 50% Off for Black Friday and 40% Off for Cyber Monday is really a sale not to be missed.

Anyway, bearing the fact that this is really a first impression, I want to focus more on the ingredients and my limited experience with the products in this post. If you'd be interested in a more in depth review of any of these products in the future, let me know in the comments!

Keep reading for my first impressions!

This super serum keeps your skin safe from all those elements your skin endures on a daily basis. We’re talking sun, smoke, smog and other ugly skin damagers! These free radicals will try to infiltrate your skin and diminish collagen, but don't worry. The Vitamin C in this serum promotes collagen growth, filling in fine lines, minimizing wrinkles and fighting to make sure they don't come back! Caution: Once these free radicals are gone, your skin will be glowing!

This baby is PACKED full of antioxidants, with the best of the bunch being Vitamin C. For me, I absolutely love to keep a Vitamin C based serum in my skincare routine pretty consistently, because I feel like my skin reacts really, really well to these types of serums. There are also a lot of other really great, skin nurturing ingredients in this serum. I did apply this last night to my skin and my first impression is quite good. You only need one pump of product to cover your entire face, which means the product will last you a while, and it absorbs quite quickly into the skin. I also feel like this helped the products I applied on top of it to absorb a little more quickly as well, but that could just be in my mind. With serums, you do really need to use them for a while to see if they're making a real difference in your skin, but I'm very optimistic about this one.

Get your glow on-the-go! This moisture-replenishing toner hydrates and protects against drying elements. Use this refreshing toner after cleansing, or give your face a spray to revitalize skin during the day (hello, new travel BFF!). This super toner creates healthy and glowing skin anywhere, anytime! 

Now, you guys know I'm not a huge fan of rose scented products, but I actually don't at all mind the scent of this. I suspect that's because it's a little softer and less cloying than some other products. I actually tried this both as a part of my regular skincare routine and as a midday mist and it's pretty nice. Honestly, that's really the only review I can give thus far because I haven't used it all that much yet. Now, based on the ingredients I wouldn't necessarily recommend this if you have sensitive skin, because some of the ingredients can cause irritation, but if you like rose scented things and are looking for a toner that will add a little moisture to your skin, this could be worth a look.

This mask puts your skin on the fast track to soft, smooth and glowing! The soft clay of the mask gently purifies skin, by absorbing impurities and cleaning pores and skin. The advanced antioxidants defend against free radicals and reverse daily skin damage.  This mask is whipped-up to velvety perfection for luxurious and easy application.  The cooling effect refreshes and soothes the skin as the mask works its magic, leaving skin bright and smooth! Our Rejuvenating Antioxidant mask includes ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate skin, while the preventative ingredients work to enhance skin for lifelong radiance. Get ready to feel tingly all over when you see these stellar results!

This was the product I was most excited about, I have to tell you (and I suspect regular readers of this blog won't be at all surprised!) I was pretty shocked when I saw the extensive ingredients list, because I was expecting it to be a little more streamlined, but there are a lot of really great ingredients here. I applied this during my bath last night and kept it on for about 20 minutes - The instructions recommend 15-30 minutes - and my skin felt quite soft when I removed it. Even though there is clay in it and I find clay to be pretty drying on my skin, I didn't get that tight, uncomfortable feeling after rinsing this off. The smell of this mask is really pleasant, it smells natural but quite beautiful at the same time and reminds me of something that I can't place. Now, for me, the true test of a mask is how my skin looks the following day and I have to say I'm definitely impressed. My skin looks bright and feels smooth, and my makeup applied really nicely today. I'm definitely looking forward to putting this further to the test.

Overall, I'm really excited about these products and I like what I've seen so far. I think they use some really great ingredients that are meant to nourish, repair, and protect the skin and a lot of those ingredients are ones that I like to keep in my skin care routine pretty consistently.

So would I recommend picking any of these up? Absolutely! I think the Rejuventating Antioxidant Mask* is GORGEOUS and packed with good ingredients for the skin, and it definitely gave me a really good skin day, so that would be my first recommendation. Also, I think the Collagen Booster & Restoration Serum* is very much worth a look, especially if you're looking for a more natural based option for a serum. Palmetto Derma has a lot of vegan options and they are certified Cruelty Free - which is great!

Can we talk about how adorable this bag is? It's going in my purse! 
Be Barefaced & Confident is a really great sentiment, don't you think?

These products are a little spendy (as good skin care tends to be) so I would definitely think about taking advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales if any of these products are calling to you! You really can't go wrong with trying a new skin care product at 50%. Also, these would make pretty great gifts as well! Head over to if you're interested in checking out this line!

Thanks for reading! If you're interested in seeing more in depth reviews of these products once I've been using them for a while, just let me know and I'd be happy to do that!

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