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by - December 16, 2015

*Product was provided for PR Purposes.

So... let's all be honest, cellulite is kind of a bitch. And pretty much all of us have it after a certain age. I was in my early teens when it first appeared on my thighs which, combined with the fact that I have weird knees - it's just a thing, I have weird knees and I'm always going to have weird knees - made for some serious insecurities when it came to wearing skirts or shorts. To be completely honest, it's still cause for some insecurity on my part, even though I am more than aware that it's something that we all just have to deal with. I've never been much of a believer in cellulite creams, mostly because I recognize that it's more the action of applying the cream than the actual cream that helps with cellulite - at least based on what I've read.

Enter the Silk'n Silhouette*. This is a device that is designed to "reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm areas effected by age, weight, and genetics" by stimulating collagen production using their patented HT (Home Tightening) Technology. Sounds like a cool device, doesn't it? Kinda promising? I thought so too, so I took the opportunity to try it out!

Keep reading for more information about the product!

Okay, so... How does it work?
"Silk’n Silhouette is a powerful device for body contouring and cellulite reduction. The revolutionary HT (Home Tightening) technology merges three potent energy sources: Bi-Polar RF Energy, LED Light Energy and IR Heat Energy. This unprecedented combination ensures deep tissue tightening, balancing and restoring."

If you take a look at the device, you'll see that there is a button on the top as well as three small lights in the front. The button is to choose your energy level - Low, Medium, or High - and the 3 lights correspond to ensure that you have the device set to the appropriate level. The rubber strap on the top is adjustable. Though I suspect that lots of people will find it quite comfortable the way that it comes, you can adjust it by popping out the rubber section in the center on top. Admittedly, because this felt pretty good to me at the size it came, I didn't actually try that....

The bottom of the device is the actual treatment surface, which consists of four electrodes and a thermal sensor as well as the treatment LED lights. The thermal sensor acts as a safety precaution. If a rise in the temperature of your skin to 42ºC (43ºF) is detected, the stabilizer will automatically stop emitting heat. I like that safety feature, I must say, mostly because I'm more confident using it when I know it won't burn me.

Another thing that I like about this surface is that it's incredibly easy to clean so you don't have to worry about it getting all gummy and gross. I just unplug mine and use a very slightly damp washcloth to clean it off and then dry it completely right away.

Yeah, but... How do you use it?
This product is actually really, ridiculously easy to use.
Step 1. Plug it in.  
Step 2. Choose your energy level between Low, Medium & High.
Step 3. Apply a layer of the included Slider Gel to your chosen area. You can use this pretty much all over your body anywhere that there's skin that you want to appear a little tighter, and the length of time you use the device on said area is detailed in an insert that comes in the box based on the area of the body and the desired energy level.  
Step 4. Glide that baby in smooth back and forth motions over the area for the recommended time and then you're done.
Step 5. Unplug. Clean your device. Store it in its original box and keep it dry!

That's it. Pretty straightforward, right?

A few notes...
  • One nice thing about this product, which made it feel a lot safer for me, is that it doesn't actually start doing anything until you press it against your body, so you don't have to worry about it doing anything if you leave it on a surface while it's plugged in. 
  • The Slider Gel CAN get a little sticky if you're using it for an extended time, so I did have to add a little more on occasion to make sure everything moved smoothly and easily for the course of the treatment. Apparently this is a problem for other people as well, but is remedied by using a little bit more product to begin with.
  • The longer sessions can feel a little tedious, so I would recommend starting on low and working upwards so that you get used to it. Also, put something on the TV and just go to town!
  • Make sure you read the instructions and the warnings clearly - there are some health and safety issues that you should read over before you start using this product just to make sure that it's safe for you.

  Before & After Photos included in the package.

So... I bet you're wondering how this product worked for me. WELL, the reason I'm not really referring to this as a review is because I can't actually say with complete certainty how this worked for me because I didn't work for it. As someone who is easily distracted, bad at sticking with things, and most likely living with undiagnosed ADHD, the 10 week commitment worked only as far as I was able to - which means that I often forgot to use it twice a week. After using it, however, my skin did feel good and tight but I'm not sure whether or not I saw a significant improvement in the cellulite in my upper thighs (which is where I decided to use it because... CLEARLY I hate my upper thighs) overall.

Now, this is clearly not a failing on the part of the device but my own failing and I sincerely do believe that this device, when used properly and with the recommended frequency, could definitely make a difference in the appearance and tightness of that area. In my experience, it really did feel like it was working when I used it and that I could see some tightening of the skin. I have every intention of giving this another go in the new year, so look for a possible update in the future!

If cellulite is a problem for you and you're looking for something that can actually really get in there and make a difference, the Silk'n Silhouette is available in Canada on and retails for $279.99CAD.

Thanks for reading!

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