HOLIDAY 2015: Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps*

by - December 07, 2015

*Product was provided for PR Purposes

Do you guys know that I'm pretty much obsessed with yummy smelling hand soaps? I am! When I first met my boyfriend, he had a regular bar of soap on next to the sink in the bathroom, but long before we even moved in together I had picked up some yummy smelling soaps to replace the grungy bars and I suspect he won't ever go back. Recently, we've been using a bottle of the Live Clean Liquid Hand Soap in the scent Fresh Water, which I picked up because he uses the Fresh Water shampoo and conditioner and I fell a little bit in love with the smell (and I know it won't be too girly for him like some of the other soaps I've picked up!) 

Obviously, since I love the formula and I completely nerd out for all things holiday related, I was over the moon when I found out that Live Clean was releasing holiday scented hand soaps. Keep reading to take a closer look at each scent!

The first scent that they released is Vanilla Peppermint Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap* - which could literally not be any more up my alley. The rest of the year, I can really take or leave peppermint scents, but when holiday season rolls around, I want everything to smell like candy canes and I think that the combination of the peppermint and the sweet vanilla does exactly that!

The second scent that they released is Holly Berry Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap* (doesn't that make you think of Halle Berry??) Anyway, this has a very strong berry scent that definitely smells like the holidays. These kinds of scents are my mom's absolutely favorite at this time of year, so I think a fan of holiday cranberry type scents would absolutely love this.

If you've never tried the Live Clean Hand Soaps yet, I really recommend them. First of all, they're a great value because the bottle is very generous and seems to go on forever. More importantly, though, is that they're very gentle on your hands and get them clean without drying them out. Oh! And, you know, they have a great selection of scents that are both amazingly yummy and very much gender neutral - great for shared bathrooms!

Will you be picking up any of the Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps? They're available for purchase at Walmart, Loblaws, &!

Thanks for reading!

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