REVIEW: Maybelline Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayons

by - January 26, 2016

So, I was INSANELY excited when these were announced because I absolutely love an eyeshadow crayon and I'm a long time fan of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I am not ashamed to admit that I was stalking drugstores waiting for these to come out and had a really hard time limiting myself to just two when I did see a fresh new display at Walmart. However, I was good and I picked up only the two shades that really jumped out at me most as must tries - and trying them I have been!

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I'm really pleased with the packaging of these pencils. The black and silver looks really sleek and the ends correspond really well with the actual shade of the product that you're getting. However, my favorite thing about this packaging is probably the most random. On a lot of products packaged like this, the lid just slides on and it has a tendency to either slide off easily or crack because you've slid it on too hard in an attempt to make sure it's secure. These lids snap firmly into place audibly, so you can easily know when they're closed securely and that it's safe to toss it into a makeup bag.

Lilac Lust - Shimmery gunmetal purple
I always like to grab a purple eyeshadow shade when there is one offered because I find that purples tend to have the trickiest formulas. There's just something about purple pigments. With this one, I find that it doesn't apply quite as purple on first swipe as it looks in the tube, but you can build it to get a fair bit of colour. This shade is actually really beautiful and I think it would be pretty universally flattering on a lot of different eye and skin colours.

Bronze Truffle - light golden bronze
Considering Bad To The Bronze is my absolute favorite potted Color Tattoo, you had to know that I was going to grab the bronze shade in this line as well. For me, this actually pulls a little more gold than I might like rather than having that really beautiful burnt brown tone that I prefer from a bronze shade, but it's really pretty. This one is really sheer and definitely needs to be built up, but I do think that adds some versatility that a lot of people might like.

I have to say that I feel two ways about these crayons. On the positive end, I love the neutral shade selection and the ease of application. I think that a lot of people will be drawn to these shades. That said, I also think a lot of people will be disappointed that there aren't any shades in the collection that are particularly unique. For me, this is a very safe collection, but since those are my personal favorite types of shades I'm not really bothered by it. Unfortunately, there are a couple of things that I don't like about these products. The first is how sheer they are on application. They really do need to be built up in order to get more than a sheer wash of colour, and for me that leads to creasing. Yup, on me I found that these creased pretty badly. It's less noticeable with a primer, but there is still some creasing by the end of the day even with a primer. In order to get decent wear out of these, I've had to use primer and set them with powder, which really takes away that ease that I love so much about eyeshadow crayons.

So, like I said, I definitely feel two ways about these. I think there is a great, neutral colour selection that a lot of people will get excited about. I love the packaging and the actual size of the crayon itself. I do like that there's versatility because of the sheerness, but I so find that building it can lead to creasing and dealing with the creasing makes it a little less of a slap-on-and-go type products. Overall, I am definitely going to keep using these, but I'm not sure I'll prioritize grabbing more shades.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried these yet? I'd love to know how they work for you!

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