SUBSCRIPTION: Ipsy Glambag September 2016

by - September 23, 2016

Welcome back to another post where I show you what I got in this month's Ipsy Glambag. Honestly, I've gotta say that I feel like Ipsy has been stepping things up in the past several months. Not only am I seeing a good mixture of well known brands with less recognizable ones, but I think the curation is improving - aside from all the black eyeliners and the base products that are too dark for me... but since that's not a problem in this month's bag, I'm choosing to be optimistic about that. Just me? Probably. Anyway. There's also been an improvement in their rewards system in that there have been some really great rewards offered recently and I definitely find that I'm earning points more quickly than I once did. Overall, while I've thought about canceling Ipsy in the past, I'm really happy with the service lately so these posts will continue.

Wanna see what I got in my Glambag this month? Keep reading!

So this month's Ipsy theme is Glamazon... and I'm not quite sure the theme is coming through for me, but I absolutely love this month's bag design! See the abstract ladies on the front of the bag? See how they're spelling out IPSY? Cute, right? Also, is anyone else reminded of the Muses from Disney's Hercules? Alternately, a Motown girl group, which I feel like... maybe the Muses were modeled after anyway? Anyway, I'm rambling and it may not matter, but I kind of love it and I do feel like I can see Glamazon with that comparison. And, despite the bastardization of the story of Hercules, I also still love that movie. MOVING ON.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara
5ml Sample Size - Value $16.53 CAD

I always say that I have too much mascara and I wish that I would stop getting them... but then I get a new mascara in a subscription and I end up trying it out right away because I secretly love sample size mascaras more than their full size counterparts. I'm actually pretty impressed with this one, though I do think it took a little finessing to get me there. The first time I used it, my lashes looked a little insane, but it's gotten better. Overall, I'm really not mad at this at all.

Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum
5ml Sample Size - Value $7.83 CAD

This is definitely the least exciting part of this bag for me. Not because I don't like Eau Thermale Avene, I actually do really like their products, but because I've gotten free samples of this at Shoppers Drug Mart multiple times and I really don't like getting free sample sized things in a bag I'm paying for, make sense? This is fine, but I'll probably pass it along to someone else because I have a lot of skincare on the go right now.

Living Proof Perfect hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
10ml Sample Size - Value $10CAD

I've actually really been dying to try this product and I think it's the most exciting part of the bag for me. I've just heard absolute raves about it and it's hard for me to not want to try products that so many people rave about. I used this once and I definitely do think that it's a good product from first impression, but I'm going to have to use it a few more times to really be sure how I feel about it. Still, so exciting!

Pixi by Petra Mattelustre Lipstick in Rose Naturelle
Sample Size - Value $8.27CAD (Estimated based on ½ size sample)

I was actually pretty happy that this was going to be in my bag, because it looked like a rosy nude matte lipstick online. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not upset that I've got it, but I'm a little disappointed. By "mattelustre" they apparently mean creme finish, which is fine but also misleading. And the shade is definitely more in the warm rose neutral family than in the nude family. Still, it's a pretty lipstick and the formula seems to be pretty good. I dunno, I think I'm just disappointed because it wasn't what I was expecting it to be. Know what I mean?

Dr.G Daily Safe BB Cream in Fair
5ml Sample Size - Value $5 (Based on $30 full size value, which was the average I could find.)

While usually every base product that I get in an Ipsy bag runs too dark, this one is really, really light! I think this will probably match me in January, but it's a little too light for me right now. That said, I did try this out on my face and I found that the coverage was fairly sheer to light, so I will save this for cold winter days when I don't want to put too much on my face and see how it goes. Not mad at it though!

Total Value: $47.63CAD

Not the highest value bag I've ever gotten, but I do think it's a fairly solid bag overall. I like the brand choices and I'm excited about the Living Proof Perfect hair Day as well as the IT Cosmetics mascara. So... Yeah, not my absolute favorite Ipsy bag ever, but definitely a decent one. I still don't really get the Glamazon theme from it though....

If you're interested in joining Ipsy, I'd love it if you used my referral link. It's $10US per month, plus $5US for shipping for us Canadians and you'll get a bag filled with deluxe or full sized beauty products every month!

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