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Last week I had the incredible pleasure to be invited to the launch of SKiNWISE DERMATOLOGY as the first SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa in Manitoba. As someone who had heard incredible things about SkinCeuticals in the past, but had never tried the products, I was more than excited to attend this launch and meet the amazing people at SKiNWISE. I had the pleasure of learning a lot about both the clinic and the SkinCeuticals brand while I was there, so I definitely wanted to talk a little bit about the launch and my experience there!

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During the launch, I was lucky enough to get a tour of the facility by Dr. Marni Wiseman who started SKiNWISE when she moved to Winnipeg two years ago. The facility is really lovely, with a brand spankin' SkinCeuticals display right up front. The clinic is split into two sections, with aesthetic procedures on one side and clinical procedures on the other. She talked to me about the types of treatment that they do there, from cosmetic procedures to treatment of severe acne, skin cancer, and the many forms of dermatitis. The treatment rooms are all clean and comfortable, feeling very professional but not cold. Is this making any sense? I was impressed with the facilities, for sure, and beyond that I was impressed with Dr. Wiseman, who is a very friendly, warm woman who clearly knows what she's talking about and takes pride in her clinic and her work overall.

After my tour, I got the chance to stick my head into the SkinCeuticals LED SkinScope, which uses LED-UV to show you what's going on beneath the surface of your skin. And let me tell you... It's absolutely fascinating, but also vaguely terrifying. Terror aside, though, I loved being able to really see my skin in a way that made sense to me. I could see where I have sun damage - and that I have more sun damage on the side of my face that gets the sun while I'm driving - as well as just how my skin was doing overall. As someone who is definitely starting to get nerdy about skin care, this was such a great experience for me.

Finally, I was able to have a mini SkinCeuticals facial by one of the women who works there, and this was definitely the best part of the whole night for me. Not only was the woman working on my skin warm, personable and incredibly capable and knowledgeable, but about two days after my treatment my skin looked better than ever. If I wasn't sold on SkinCeuticals before this treatment, I most certainly am now. She also recommended a procedure for me and gave me a pamphlet with information about the procedure and encouraged me to research it and decide if it's something I might be interested in. No hard sell, just information on something for me to look into that would suit my personal needs. 

I was lucky enough to get to try out a few products customized to my skin type and concerns, 
so look for reviews in the future of these three SkinCeuticals products!

Honestly, if it's not already completely obvious, I was really impressed with the clinic itself, but even moreso with the people who work there. I was actually really nervous before I went there, feeling insecure about myself, but everyone there made me feel really comfortable, welcomed, and free to ask questions and get help with what I needed. For me, that's definitely one of the most important things when choosing a doctor, an esthetician, or really anyone that's going to be working with my body in any way, because I am an anxious person and I won't go back to someone that doesn't make me feel comfortable. 

I really think that this is a clinic worth checking out and one that I will definitely continue to recommend to friends and family members here in Winnipeg and surrounding areas who come to talk to me about skin issues. I have every intention of looking further into the treatment recommended to me and making an appointment at SKiNWISE to have it done!

For more information on SKiNWISE DERMATOLOGY, the staff, and the cosmetic and medical procedures that they offer there, head over to their website. And for more information on SkinCeuticals, check out skinceuticals.ca for products as well as information about the brand.

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