REVIEW: Etude House Pink Skull Color Eyes Palette in #2 Funky Skull

by - November 08, 2016

It's actually not that often anymore that I see a product and feel like I absolutely have to have it. Or at least I can easily talk myself out of having to have everything pretty that comes out on the makeup market. However, sometimes there are products that just jump out at me and stay in my head and eventually I feel like I really have no choice but to pick them up. The Etude House Pink Skull Color Eyes Palette in #2 Funky Skull is one of those products. When I first saw it, I immediately went to order it, but it was sold out or unavailable at my usual kBeauty sources, so I held off, but after a couple of weeks I gave it and ordered it from a kBeauty seller on eBay.

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The Etude House Pink Skull Color Eyes Palettes - available in #1 Lovely Skull and #2 Funky Skull - are 9 pan palettes in quite warm tones overall, making them pretty well on trend. I went with Funky Skull because the overall shade selection was a little bit more in my wheelhouse. Specifically, the burgundy shade in the center of the palette just absolutely called to me.

I'm actually quite impressed with the shade selection overall, with a couple of caveats that I'll get into when I get into the individual shades. I definitely like that there are mattes included in this palette, since so many palettes from Korean brands tend to be really shimmer heavy. While there are twice as many shimmers in this palette as there are mattes, I think that since all of the mattes are more midtone shades they work well for crease colours and allow you to create complete eye looks without much need for a complementary palette. The only thing really missing from this palette for me is a browbone shade, which definitely would have been nice to have, but I'm still no mad at it.

The shades that really got me in this palette were the three down the center. The dusty rose/brown shade is the perfect type of shade that I like for my crease/transition because it has enough pink that it doesn't pull too warm on my skin tone and can really end up looking really natural. And of course the richness of the burgundy and the chocolate brown really scream fall to me and are exactly the types of shades that I like for a smoky eye.

These two matte shades are absolutely perfect in this palette as far as I'm concerned. The taupe shade is grey for cooling down a look while the rose shade is a little bit more neutral and pairs really beautifully with pretty much everything else in this palette. I wouldn't say that these two shades are the most richly pigmented, but they build and blend really nicely so that you can get a light wash or build to a little bit more depth.

The gold shade is a really standard, universally flattering shade that I think works really well on the lid with a lot of different crease and outer V shades. It has a bit more of a rose gold look in person than it's pulling in the swatch photos, but I wouldn't say it's a true rose gold. The formula on the gold is really beautiful. I'd say it's a full metallic shade that packs the most punch when applied with a finger, but it also applies well with a brush.

This matte pink shade has a really beautiful formula, a little more of a light pigmentation like the other two mattes but it does build really well. I do think that it works beautifully just blended lightly along the upper crease on a really neutral look to give it a little more interest, but overall I know this shade is the one in the palette that I'm least likely to use very often.

The middle shade, which I think of as a metallic raspberry shade, is absolutely my favorite in this palette. I think it's unique, pulling a lot more berry than burgundy when applied, and has a really nice golden sheen to it. The formula is really nice. It's smooth and creamy with really nice pigmentation, but there is a little bit of fall out with this shade.

Finally, the shimmery taupe shade is one of the most unique in the palette - though I had a lot of trouble capturing just how unique in pictures. It is definitely a taupe shade, but it has a kind of berry tone to it that I don't think I've really seen before and the shimmer in it is multicolored, which gives it a really cool shift. It's got a really nice texture, quite smooth despite the shimmers in it, but the base is a little bit sheer so it does need to be built. Despite the sheerness, I really do love this shade for the absolute uniqueness of it.

The glittery champagne shade is definitely the biggest dud in this palette for me. The texture is quite dry and flaky and I find that it doesn't really pack much punch as far as pigmentation is concerned. It also has a ton of microglitter in it that literally gets everywhere. I suppose you could use some kind of sticky base and add it to a look for some glitter, but I just find it too annoying for that. Definitely the worst shade in the palette.

The metallic chocolate shade, however, is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite shades in the palette. It has a gorgeous golden caramel sheen to it and has a really smooth, gorgeous texture when applied. I like this for deepening up a look and I find that it builds really nicely without being too much.

I wasn't entirely excited about the charcoal shade in the palette, mostly because I don't really gravitate towards this type of shade, but I think it has a really nice sheen and just a hint of green that makes it a little bit unique. I would say that the formula is pretty on par with the chocolate and raspberry shades, making it one of the best textures in the palette.

For this eye look, I started with the matte dusty rose shade through my crease as a transition shade. Next, I packed the shimmery taupe with the multi-coloured glitter all over the lid pretty heavily to get some real payoff there. Next, I used the chocolate brown shade in the outer corner and worked a little bit through the crease to deepen it up a little bit. I finished by using the dusty rose shade once again over the outer edge and crease to make sure everything was nicely blended. I finished with Absolute New York liquid liner and it Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

Overall, the thing that I like about this shade selection most is that it's unique while still being really wearable. Because it does have to be said, I do think that this does bear some thematic resemblance to the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, but I don't think that I would say that it's really a dupe in either shades or formula, just that there's some resemblance there. 

Overall, I'm really glad I picked up this palette. Not every shade is a winner, but most of them perform really well and I think it's fairly versatile as far as the looks you can get from it. I personally love this shade selection to the absolute moon and I think it's a little bit of a different twist on what's currently on trend. Neutral in tone, but not filled with bland shades.

Like I said, this was sold out at my usual kBeauty haunts, but I did manage to find a lot of sellers on eBay selling it. I don't think this is the type of product that is likely to get knocked off, so I wouldn't be too worried as long as the seller has a good reputation and does sell kBeauty products!

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