REVIEW: Tin Feather Velvet Lipstick in Velour

by - January 16, 2018

Honestly, I don't often pick up things that I've never heard of when I see them in store, but I was at a local boutique here in Winnipeg recently when I saw that they carried some cosmetics products from local companies and I was very interested. Supporting more local business is something that I want to do more these days, so when I picked up and swatched the Tin Feather Velvet Lipstick in Velour and instantly fell a little bit in love with the shade and texture, I was sold. 

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Tin Feather Lipsticks have a creamy velvet texture and are made using moisture-rich butters, oils and plant waxes. A truly vegan formula, Tin Feather lipsticks are pigmented with food-grade colourants which provide modern, creamy matte shades. There's a colour for every personality.    

I have to say, the box packaging of this lipstick was a part of what inspired me to pick it up. It's just... so modern and pretty and it felt inspiring to me. Obviously it doesn't impact the quality of the actual product, but I do feel like the attention to the detail always impressed me. The lipstick itself is packaged in a simple matte black plastic bullet with a silver detail. Personally, I wish that the lid felt a little bit more secure, but overall the packaging is fine for me. I would just be careful tossing it in your purse.

The most impressive thing to me about this lipstick is definitely the formula, although I have to disagree somewhat with the matte claim. I would personally say that this is a créme formula lipstick. It applies really smooth and creamy with a lot of pigment and has a healthy looking shine to it, though I wouldn't say it's particularly glossy. Formulawise, it actually reminds me quite a bit of the BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks, which are one of my favorite formulas. There's a slight smell to this that might be a little bit fruity, but is mostly just the smell of the ingredients, and there's absolutely no taste if I lick my lips.

For a créme formula, I'd say that the wear time is really good on this lipstick. It loses it shine after maybe 30-45 minutes, but the colour remains on the lips. I do tend to mash my lips together quite frequently, so I'm not the best judge when it comes to wear time, but when I've applied this in the morning I've found that it wears quite well through until lunch time. It's also really hydrating and comfortable to wear, making it a perfect winter lipstick for me since I have to be careful about keeping my lips hydrated.

The shade Velour is described as a dusty rose nude with a neutral undertone and I'd say that's pretty bang on for me. This is actually really, really similar to my natural lip shade, so when I apply it I feel like it just makes my lips look more naturally healthy. I've actually been keeping this tucked in my purse and using it consistently when I'm out and about because the shade goes with pretty much any look on my skin tone, from almost no makeup to full out glam.

Overall, I'm really, really thrilled that I decided to pick up this lipstick. It's a great formula that's exactly in my wheelhouse for every day wear, particularly during these colder months, and this nude shade is an absolute no brainer on my skin tone. I would definitely recommend trying out this line of lipsticks for just about anyone likes a well formulated créme lipstick. Like I said, I don't quite get the matte finish that I was expecting, but I really don't care because the formula is gorgeous.

You can purchase Tin Feather lip products from the Pure Anada website and well as over at! Winnipeg readers, you can pick this up in store at Out Of The Blue on Osborne!

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