MANI MONDAY: Purple Nails w. Dollarstore Nail Vinyls

by - June 11, 2018

Hey guys! For this week's Mani Monday, I wanted to experiment with some nail vinyls that I picked up on a whim at the dollar store. I'm also collaborating with Jayne (Cosmetic Proof) and Renee (See The World In Pink) again for this week's mani and the theme we decided to go with was purple - so for more purple nail art looks, head over and check out their blogs and social media!

To take a look at my mani for this week, keep reading!

I wasn't really sure what to expect with these stencils - not only because nail supplies from the dollarstore can be pretty terrible, but also because I'm not all that experienced with using vinyls and I've struggled with them in the past. However, these actually worked really well. They adhered to the nails really evenly and removed smoothly without any issues of bleeding. Really, the only problem with these was that, like so many other cheap nail things, they're really narrow and because I have pretty wide nail beds I couldn't really do a whole handful of nails using these. Still, if you're interested in experimenting with stencils and are looking for something easily accessible and cheap, they could definitely be worth a look at.

With the theme for this week being purple, I wanted to step away from the really pastel purple nail looks I've been doing lately and go for something a little bit bolder. For my middle two fingers, I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Cherry Fast (an absolute favorite drugstore polish for me) because it dries super quickly and gives full opacity in one coat. To make sure that the stencils didn't mess up the base, I did apply a thin coat of Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat and let it dry completely before applying the stencils.

For the stenciled design and the rest of my nails, I reached for an absolutely stunning polish from Great Lakes Lacquer called In Brightness - and this polish is a stunner. It's described as a "soft purple linear holo with shifts of blue, pink, bronze, orange and green" and it's probably one of the most dynamic, interesting polishes in my entire collection. I'm actually really impressed with how well it showed up in the designs as well, because I generally need two coats for full opacity, but it's such a strong shade that it really pops. It really is polishes like this, with strong holo and such dynamic and interesting shifts to them, that really has me wanting to invest in more indie polishes.

My verdict after trying out the Sassy + Chic Nail Art Stencil Stickers from Dollar Tree is that I really should try out some more nail vinyls in the near future. I found them surprisingly easy to use and I like that I can basically use any polish in my collection for the design and don't have to rely on super pigmented polishes like I do with stamping. Can you see me stroking my curly mustache thinking about all of the things I want to buy and try?

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to head over and check out more purple nail art from Jayne and Renee as well!

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