INDIE POLISH: Polished For Days Eudaimonia Review + Swatches

by - July 06, 2018

I am pretty consistently tempted by indie polishes, I must say. With all of these beautiful swatches and how insanely interesting indie polishes tend to look in comparison to more mainstream polishes, it's hard not to get grabby hands when faced with them. That said, I'm generally able to talk myself out of them - not because I want to, because I don't, but because I don't know how to choose between all of the stunning shades and finishes. Recently, though, I had Polished For Days Eudaimonia in both my cart and my brain for weeks before I finally just went for it and ordered it from Harlow&Co.

For a closer look at this polish and my thoughts on the formula and finish, keep reading!

Polished For Days Eudaimonia is "a warm pink toned nude holographic base with bronze flakes, taupe flakes and copper/gold shifting green flakes." I tend to do a thing where I gravitate hard towards more neutral/nude, simple mani's after I've done something really bright, bold or busy. Generally this has meant reaching for créme polishes, but I really wanted something that was going to be simple while at the same time really interesting and Eudaimonia - which is defined as a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous - really fit that bill. This isn't a new polish, I think it's been out for a couple of years, but I absolutely had to have it.

The thing that I really love about this polish most is the shade. It really does fit nicely into that sort of mauvey nude tone that I've always loved and it really fits the bill for a subtle but really pretty mani. What puts it above all of those plain old créme polishes in my collection though is the subtle, multitoned flakies and the hit of scattered holo that you get in the sun. It maintains its subtlety while also being really dimensional and pretty.

Two coats of Eudaimonia with top coat in artificial light.

Application of this polish is really gorgeous. It's opaque in two coats and has quite a smooth finish. When I first applied this, I actually wore it for several hours without top coat and it wasn't flat at all and had a decent shine, but admittedly the top coat really made it sing. I do find something of a shade shift in artificial light versus natural light, with the natural light bringing out more of the pinky mauve tones while it pulls a little bit more beige in artificial light. Have to say, though, both are really pretty.

Two coats of Eudaimonia plus top coat in natural, indirect sunlight.

I'm seriously thrilled about this polish and so happy that I finally pulled the trigger and didn't talk myself out of it. I know without a doubt that this is a polish that I'm going to consistently reach for and one that will continue to be impressive to me every time I apply it. It also has me looking a lot closer at Polished For Days with a lot of interest in trying out some more of their polishes since they seem to have really interesting combinations and finishes. Next on my list is Calypso!

Polished For Days Eudaimonia is available online at Harlow & Co for us Canadian's and retails for $15.50CAD. It's absolutely, 100% worth picking up if you like a mauve nude but are looking for something a little bit more interesting!

Thanks for reading!

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