REVIEW: Live Clean Foaming Hand Wash

by - August 07, 2018

Even a casual reader of my blog probably knows that Live Clean hand soaps are my favorite - always present in my bathroom and kitchen. Recently, Live Clean has released their new Foaming Hand Soaps. Though I did receive all three of these as PR samples, I actually bought one of them long before that and had been using it in my bathroom for weeks before I got this package. Like I said, they're my absolute favorite. As much as I've enjoyed foaming hand soaps in the past, I have had some issues with them, so I was hoping that this formula would be different from those.

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If you're unfamiliar with what a foaming hand soap is, basically it eliminated the lathering part of washing your hands by pumping out the product in a foamy mouse so you can just work it into your hands easily. The foam from this formula is lightweight, but has a nice density to it so you only need one pump to effectively wash your hands. It's quite soft in feel when using it and rinses away easily. It's definitely not a stripping hand soap and I find that my hands feel quite soft after I've dried them.

Live Clean Foaming Hand Wash Vanilla Bean & Coconut*

Initially, after smelling all three of the scents in the store, I picked up the Vanilla Bean & Coconut scent... because of course I did, and I really loved it. I always find that vanilla and coconut scents blended together tend to temper the things that I personally don't love about them alone, so this was a scent that I was all in for. And like I said, this lived in my bathroom from the time I bought it and I've long since used it up. Once of the issues that I've always had with foaming hand soaps is that I've always felt like they ran out quite quickly, but I found that this one lasted quite well with really regular use. I'm not sure whether it's the size which, at 400ml, is quite a bit larger than others I've tried, or whether it's the formula, but either way I'm more than happy for the fact that it lasts quite well.

Live Clean Foaming Hand Wash Lemon Mint*

When it comes to the hand soap that lives in the kitchen, I will pretty much always choose a lemon scent over everything else, so I was really happy to see Live Clean release their Lemon Mint scent hand soap to their collection. There's just something about fresh, crisp lemon that I really like when I'm washing my hands while prepping or cooking food. As with the pairing of vanilla and coconut, I really love the pairing or lemon and mint for the added freshness and brightness that the pairing gives. Two thumbs up for this scent - it's going to be a kitchen staple.

Live Clean Foaming Hand Wash White Tea & Cherry*

I feel like I didn't know what to expect with White Tea & Cherry, but it still ended up being different from what I imagined. It's sort of a sweet, bright floral scent that isn't necessarily up my alley but that I think a lot of people will find really lovely. One thing that I actually really appreciate about this release is just how incredibly different each scent is - and I think there'll really be something for all kinds of tastes and preferences. When launching with three scents, I really think that's the best thing to do.

Overall, I have to say I'm really excited about this launch. I think that this is yet another really solid product from Live Clean that lives up to their standards of being overwhelmingly plant derived and free of all of the nasties that so many of us are concerned about washing down the drain. These soaps are also vegan, cruelty free and packaged in recyclable bottles. I never, ever feel bad about reaching for Live Clean products because I know that they're going to be more environmentally friendly than many other products - and they're good formulas to boot!

The Live Clean Foaming Hand Soaps* are available now wherever Live Clean is sold and I highly recommend giving them a shot!

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