REVIEW: Avon Pumpkin Souffle Body Care

by - October 11, 2018

I know scents are subjective, but for my personal taste there is no better season for smells than fall. Sure, sometimes they go a little too far with the caramel sweetness, but I don't care because so often they're paired with something a little spicy or nutty or just... rich. I can get down with floral scents in the spring and fresher scents in the summer, but I'm always excited to get to when smells smell the best, and for me that's definitely fall. Have I gone on long enough? For Fall 2018, Avon has released some new body care products with classic fall scents, including Pumpkin Soufflé, as well as some gorgeous candles. 

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Delicious scent created with the warmth and sweetness of festive pumpkin, whipped caramel, coconut cream and a touch of tonka bean. Luxurious lather leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
There is really something about reaching for this Shower Gel in a nice, hot shower. I don't even know how to explain it, but there's this incredible warmth and sweetness that's just incredibly comforting. From a practical perspective, this product works really well. It has a nice, rich lather and rinses nice and clean to leave skin feeling cleansed but smooth and hydrated. For me, though, it's all about that smell, which delicately lingers on the skin afterwards but isn't at all overwhelming. Your skin just smells nice and sweet. Love this stuff, I really do!

Delicious scent created with the warmth and sweetness of festive pumpkin, whipped caramel, coconut cream and a touch of tonka bean. Smooths and softens skin with shea butter and vitamin E.

This is a really rich body cream that feels really lovely when applied to the skin and packs a solid amount of hydration, perfect for this time of year. I don't know about you, but as the temperatures have dipped I've found that from head to toe my skin has been screaming for moisture and as I've been reaching for this I've found that it's really answering that call. It also pairs really well with the shower gel to really amp up that sweet fall scent on the skin. Again, I wouldn't say that it's overwhelming, but when you pair these two products together you definitely get a more lasting scent on the skin. 

Pumpkin, bourbon-infused maple syrup, caramelized sugar and cinnamon. 3-wick candle gives 30 hours of burn time.

You guys. So, here's the thing. I seriously have a thing for really, really sweet candles that have something a little bit spicy about them and I'm absolutely in love with this candle. It's got that really rich, sweet scent from the maple syrup and then a little bit of burnt richness from the caramelized sugar and cinnamon scents. It's so gorgeous and every time I get a nose full of it, I just feel happy and comforted. I love 3 wick candles because I feel like they end up lasting a really, really long time and I've actually burned this one for about 8 hours so far and it has hardly made a dent. I'm ultimately really, really impressed with the quality of this candle from Avon and I feel like it rivals certain other 3 wick candles in my collection. 

Like I said, I'm definitely biased by my love for sweet fall scents but I have to say this is one of my favorite scents that I've ever found in Avon's seasonal body care collections. It's definitely sweet and there's a really lovely creaminess to it. I also highly recommend checking out their 3 wick candles, particularly this one, because it's been such a pleasant surprise to me.

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