REVIEW: Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette

by - January 11, 2019

In 2019, I feel like the only eyeshadow palettes I'm going to buy are ones that fill something specific in my collection that isn't already there. In the past, I think I've wanted to own every palette that fits current trend or my personal taste, but I'm trying to curate my makeup collection a little bit differently now. I feel like, after years of sort of frenzied makeup purchasing by a lot of people spurred on by the online beauty community, this is likely a place a lot of people are getting to now as well. I don't entirely know what it was about the Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette that drew me in, but when I was making my yearly post-Christmas Sephora order, it was the first thing in my cart. Though it does contain some neutrals and shades that I could probably dupe from my collection, it also included some shades that I don't own, curated in a way that felt fresh and different to me. 

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The Berries and Cream palette is a sultry and sweet palette with 12 new vibrant and creamy shades. Create soft sultry effortless looks to dramatic vixen glam looks and everything in between. We included a variety of warm to cool tones shades with pops of color. 8 creamy pigmented matte shades will create dimension and shape, and add intense drama to any look. 3 silky beautiful shimmers highlight, and 1 unique creamy matte shade with golden glitter that will add glitz and glam to top off /highlight any look. Try our latest creation so you can create your own unique look for this or any season.

It might not be easy to determine in pictures, but this palette is BIG. It's big in both physical size as well as the amount of product that you get in it. I actually struggled when framing the photos of this palette, because it's so big. This palette contains 17.86g (0.63oz) of product with each pan being nearly 1.5g of product. Because those numbers can seem kind of arbitrary if you aren't really familiar with pan sizes, I want to give you a couple of comparisons:

The pans in this palette are roughly the same size as a full size Colourpop single shadow, slightly larger than a MAC single shadow, and slightly smaller than a Makeup Geek Single Shadow. Also, for comparison, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette retails for the same price $55CAD ($42US) and only contains 7.98g of product. This palette is HEFTY and a solidly good value at $3.14CAD ($2.35US) per gram of product and $4.67CAD ($3.50US) per pan. (Check out this post to see where that falls as far as value when compared to other popular eyeshadow palettes on the market!)

When you initially look at this palette, I think it can feel a little bit disjointed and perhaps overwhelming. It isn't laid out the way we tend to see other palettes laid out, but like I said with the Colourpop Good Sport palette recently, I personally really like palettes that switch up the way they lay out their palettes because I think that seeing a palette laid out this way visually can help inspire some more creativity. 

The curation of the shades in this palette is really amazing when you actually put it into practice, which tells me it was very thoughtfully put together. Unlike a lot of palettes from the past couple of years that really hit on trends and look beautiful, but tend to really only offer minor variations on the same look, this palette is truly versatile and the shades work really well together for a wide variety of different looks. For me, with a large palette, that's really what I'm looking for. I want to be able to reach for one palette for a solid week and have all different looks, and I really think this palette can do that and still be really wearable for a wide variety of people. 

Initially upon swatching this palette, I was a little bit concerned that the mattes weren't going to perform the way I wanted them to, because they swatched a little bit patchy and for the photos below I did have to build them up with a couple of swipes to get them true to colour. However, when applied to the eyes they have a really buildable and blendable formula that makes them really, really easy to work with. When it comes to the really saturated shades, which are the ones that swatched the worst for me, I actually really appreciate that they're a buildable formula because it makes them so much easier to work with than something that goes on full colour right from jump. I definitely think there's a balance when it comes to pigmentation where you want saturated colour, but in a formula that's easy to work with, and this palette strikes that balance.

Another thing I really want to hit on is how beautifully formulated the three deeper shades in the bottom right of the palette are. Blueberry Muffin and Cherry Juice are the types of shades that always look beautiful in the pan, but in other palettes have often faded to an unimpressive grey when applied. These ones absolutely don't do that, whether you apply them more sheer or build them up, they maintain the intensity of their true colour and don't suffer from a neutral base. When it comes to Blackberry, I feel like this is exactly what I want a black shade to be. Rather than being one of those very intense black mattes that we've been praising for years, but are actually really hard to work with when blending, this one maintains intensity but is also a buildable formula that blends really well to add depth to a look without taking it over. 

• Warm Pie: Matte red brown with gold glitter
Honestly, the first time I put this on the eyes, I really didn't like it. It's a matte base and pretty packed with gold microglitter, which has never been my favorite. It also has a looser texture than the other mattes in this palette, which I assume is owing to the glitter in the formula. That said, when I used this on the eyes as an all over shade, I really loved the look that came out of it. 
•Chocolate Mousse: Rich matte brown
I'm really glad they included this shade because I think it really amps up the versatility of this palette. It's a really beautiful formula and it builds and blends really nicely to add depth and really ground a look. I also feel like it's quite neutral in tone, which means it'll be easy to use with both the cool and warm tones in this palette.
•Sweet Cream: Matte pale pink
On my skin tone (pale with pink undertones) this shade works really well as a brow bone highlight, but I honestly do wish that it was a little bit more neutral. Still, it's very pretty and it has a nice amount of pigmentation to both add some brightness under the brows and also to help blend out the edges of an eye look if I get a little bit too crazy with my transition and crease shades.
•Toasted: Matte grey
Though this is described as a grey, I would personally say it's a taupe because it lingers in that place between with grey and brown as has that hint of mauve to it. This has always been one of my favorite types of shades and as I move back into cooler toned makeup looks I know I'll use it a lot. It's a great formula that applies, builds and blends really nicely on my skin tone.
•Bittersweet: Matte fuchsia
I'm kind of in love with this shade. The tone and depth of it paired with the formula are really great for grounding a look in a distinct berry tone, but paired with other shadows it can either bring the look cooler or warmer. Seriously, I used this shade in both cool and warm toned berry looks and it's a really important shade in those looks even though they're both quite different.
•Soft N’ Sweet: Matte mauve taupe
I definitely wouldn't have described this as taupe, I would have called it a caramel beige. I've used this shade almost every time that I've used this palette and it's really a perfect transition shade for me. It blends really beautifully on the skin and adds a nice warmth to the more cool toned looks I've created from this palette. Definitely the shade I'm most likely to hit pan on in this palette.

•Honey Dipped: Gold foil
I would personally say this is more of a copper shade when swatched, but when I used it in an eye look it did definitely pull more gold. One of three true shimmers in this palette, the formula on this one is really lovely and applies to a smooth metallic when patted on wet. I feel like gold in palettes can feel redundant, but it was called for in this palette because it'll work well in a lot of different looks that the deeper mattes will create.
•Sugar Cookie: Pale pink shimmer
Though this isn't my favorite formula in the palette because it's a little bit crumbly when you pick it up on the brush, I've learned to always apply it wet and I've gotten really good results. One thing that I love about it is that when I paired it with the deep blue, it lost a lot of that pink tone and just came up silver, but when paired with berries I do get a really pretty pink look from it.
•Cranberry: Maroon red shimmer
This type of shimmery cranberry shade is a long time favorite of mine - and was pretty hard to find until the last couple of years, but now might seem commonplace - and I'm really glad that it's in this palette. It's a beautiful shade that brings a lot of light to the eye even though it's rather deep and catches the light really well. I would definitely recommend applying it wet for the best pay off, but this shade is much smoother in texture than Sugar Cookie and applies quite beautifully dry as well.
•Blueberry Muffin: Matte cobalt blue
I feel like this shade, very specifically, is the one that makes this palette stand out because we don't really see deep matte blue shades in mainstream palettes. This is definitely one that didn't swatch very well, but applied really beautifully on the eyes. It's definitely a shade that needs to build, but it maintains that crisp blue colour and doesn't skew grey whether it's applied more sheer or built up. This shade is a massive winner for me.
•Cherry Juice: Matte deep plum
This is another shade that stands out in this palette, though it's not really as unique as Blueberry Muffin. It's another bad swatcher that applies really beautifully with a buildable, smooth formula. It also doesn't lose its impact when applied with a brush. In photos I think this can tend to look a little bit more red than purple, but in person it really does show up purple.
•Blackberry: Matte black
This is absolutely exactly what I want in a black shadow - and I don't think I even knew it until I got this palette. It's a buildable black shade that works really well to deepen up other colours without taking off and killing the colour in them. It's also really easy to work with, building up easily with a blending brush and not really any fall out to speak of.

I was really, really excited to get this palette, but I really had no idea just how much I would love it - and how excited it would make me for future Dominique Cosmetics releases. Though this isn't a cheap palette by any means, it's definitely a palette with really good value that brings solid quality shadows and a versatility that I'm not entirely sure I was expecting when I first saw it. The best shades in this palette, for me, are the less conventional matte shades like Bittersweet, Blueberry Muffin and Cherry Juice, as well as the black that completely impressed me with how much it's exactly what I didn't know I wanted in a black shadow. I've already been eyeing up the Latte and Lemonade palettes because of just how much I love this one.

Normally I include eye looks in my palette reviews, but in the course of testing this I put together 5 unique looks and decided to give them their own post so that this one wasn't so much of a monster. To see how I've used this palette so far, head over and check out my 5 Looks 1 Palette post featuring this palette!

This is my first HUGE recommendation of the year - I don't know how this isn't the most talked about release of the past few months, I really don't. The Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette is available at Sephora and retails for $55CAD ($42US)!

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