MANI MONDAY: Cool Toned Glitter Gradient Nails

by - July 22, 2019

Happy Monday, guys! I had an incredibly busy weekend, so admittedly I didn't have a ton of time to sit down and get a complicated mani done. Of course, when I don't have a lot of time but I do want to get something more intricate than just one polish on my nails, I generally like to go for a gradient because it's just... easy? I used to be pretty intimidated by gradients, but once I got a feel for them, they've really just become a staple for me. To suit this month's #CBBxManiMonday Glitter theme, I reached for some indie polishes that pack a lot of punch and I threw it together really quick!

Keep reading to see how I got this look!

What I originally conceived for this mani isn't actually what ended up happening, so there was a little bit of recalibration through the middle of doing this. I started with a coat of ILNP Birthday Suit, which is a sort of sheer nude beige base packed with holo glitters. For the first two coats of the gradient, I paired Birthday Suit with ILNP No Promises, which is this sort of blackended raspberry shade that I'm holing in the pictures, and applied them to my nails. Because the base of Birthday Suit is quite sheer, this ended up giving me this sort of rose gold to silver holo gradient that I wasn't super in love with, so on a whim I decided to add two more coats of gradient. For this I used No Promises again, but paired it with Glam Polish Dungeons & Dragons, which is a super craze polish in a navy blue jelly base packed with shifting irridescent glitter, glass flecks and fine holo microglitter, and it definitely changed the look. 

I finished with a coat of OPI Plumping Top Coat - admittedly, I probably could have used two coats because Dungeons & Dragons definitely maintained some texture once it dried - and voila!

All Products Used
ILNP Birthday Suit
ILNP No Promises
Glam Polish Dungeons & Dragons
OPI Plumping Top Coat

If I'd had more time when I was putting this together, I likely would have added some stamping - probably a delicate floral pattern - over this gradient, but I think it turned out really pretty just as it is and the polishes I used make it really impactful regardless of the light that I'm working with. 

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Thanks for reading!

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