REVIEW: Color Club Matte-ified Metallics Collection

by - September 04, 2019

Anyone who follows my nail art or really just my social media knows I've been on a huge Color Club kick recently and their polishes have become a staple for me in recent months, mostly thanks to being able to find their collections locally here at Winners locations. Of course, when I saw the brand new Color Club Matte-ified Metallics Collection and how gorgeous and fall perfect the polishes looked in the bottles I absolutely had to pick it up and try it out. I don't do a lot of full collection swatches here on the blog, but I really want to start doing more and this seemed like an amazing place to start. 

For a closer look at the polishes along with swatches, keep reading!

"With a twist on classic chrome shades, we’ve added a slick, steel-like effect for the perfect matte-ified manicure. No top coat needed, each shade dries with a frosted matte finish."

I feel like matte metallic polishes are going to be a big trend for Fall 2019 and this is one of three new collections released from mainstream brands recently with this type of finish. While, I'm not the hugest matte polish fan (I prefer to use a matte top coat over regular polish), I personally really like matte metallics when it comes to matte polish because I feel like they apply a little bit smoother than flat matte polishes and give a really interesting look on the nails. I also like that I have the option of adding a glossy top coat for a completely different look, adding some versatility to the polishes. So, of course, I had to swatch these polishes both alone and with glossy top coat to show just how much each polish changes with the addition of some shine. 

Color Club Matte-erial Girl
Probably my favorite shade in the collection, Matte-erial Girl is a really interesting rose gold shade that has a really pretty shift that pulls to a sort of olive-toned old gold. This is definitely the shiftiest polish in the collection and really gives amazing dimension, especially in the kind of dead light that kills a lot of polishes. It actually feels almost like an indie to me, which is impressive. I really do think this a really modern take on those nearly-nude, work appropriate shades that can feel boring, but really don't have to. This shade is fully opaque in two coats and probably the smoothest to apply out of this whole collection with the fewest visible brush strokes once dry. LOVE this shade.

Color Club What's The Matte-r?
In the bottle, this is probably the shade I was most excited about it and this really strong golden olive shade didn't disappoint. It's a bit of a stainer and did leave my nails looking pretty yellow when I applied it without base coat and wore it for a couple of days, so I recommend protecting your nails if you're going to wear this. There is some shift within this, but it stays within the same shade and just shifts between a deeper olive and brighter, more golden olive. Again, this was completely opaque in two coats and really quite easy to apply. This is another huge winner in this collection for me.

Color Club Matte About You
Applied to the nail, this teal shade pulled a little bit lighter than I was expecting from the bottle, but I was really happy about it because when teal pulls too dark it can just look black. This one also has some shift to it, with a strong gold pull in the final look. This formula was a little bit tricky for me and I found I had to be really careful with how much polish I applied or it could get goopy, so I did two quite thin coats for the swatch and got really solid coverage. With top coat, this shade just screams out holiday nail art to me and I know I'll be reaching for it later in the year. 

Color Club You're My Soul Matte
Probably my second favorite in the collection, this shade is a sort of smoky true purple shade that will  be gorgeous all year - but particularly, for me, for fall and Halloween mani's when I'm most likely to reach for a purple shade. There is definitely a sort of peachy copper shift to this that really makes it shine for me. It's a little bit subtle in some lights, but natural light seems to reall bring it to life. It's definitely a gorgeous and surprisingly unique shade for my collection though. Again, it was completely opaque in two coats and does definitely have some brush strokes but gives a gorgeous look. 

Color Club Been There, Done Matte
Probably the biggest surprise in the collection for me was this rich royal blue shade that just screams winter and Christmas nail art for me. This was probably the trickiest formula for me to work with as far as it getting a little bit goopy as I was working with it and it was drying on the nail. It's also super pigmented so you have to be extra careful not to get it on your cuticles, but it's worth it. Opaque in 2 coats, though with this one you could likely get away with one thick coat, this one does dry down with some strong brush strokes, but is so rich and gorgeous that it's worth it to me. And I mean... look at it with top coat. Cue the heart eyes. 

Color Club Don't Be So Dra-Matte-ic
So... apparently I saved my least favorite shade for last. Honestly, this really isn't a bad shade, it just isn't my thing. It's a sort of springy kelly green with a silvery kind of shimmer in it. It was pretty easy to apply and didn't get goopy on me, but it definitely dried VERY fast. Of all of the shades, I feel like this is the least matte after it dries, maintaining a little bit more luminosity than the other shades in this collection. Again, completely opaque in two coats and easy to apply. For me, this will probably be tucked away until Christmas, because I feel like it'll work best for me for holiday nail art. 

I definitely feel like this collection isn't going to be for everyone, but the people who are into these types of shades and this finish will likely really love it. I think the application is generally pretty easy, although the two darkest shades can be a little bit tricky to work with, and they give really good coverage in two coats, dry really quickly, and have a truly matte finish. They also feel a little bit heartier than some other matte metallic polishes that I've tried in the past, which chipped on me in no time. The longest I've actually tested any of these polishes is 3 days, but other than some minor tip wear they were pretty solid for me.

I have to say, I feel like Color Club is one of those brands that always seems to have something that I can get excited about. Overall, I really like this collection and even though I'll likely be adding a glossy top coat to this most of the time when I use it, I know that so many of these shades are really going to get a lot of use in my collection. Definitely recommend picking them up if they seem like they'd be your thing!

Thanks for reading!

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