12 NAILS OF HALLOWEEN: Cute & Creepy Pastel Tie Dye Nails

by - October 11, 2019

Whether it's shades like orange, purple and green (which all scream Halloween to me) or the deeper, vampier shades, it can be pretty easy to default into a pretty specific colour palette for this time of year. I found myself sort of wanting to turn that on its head this year and put together at least one mani that stood pretty far outside what I normally think of for Halloween... Obviously, that means reaching for pastel neons, right? For today's #12NOH offering, I was actually inspired by one of my summer mani's to put together these Cute & Creepy Pastel Tie Dye nails!

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Because I was starting with a smoosh for this mani, I applied one coat of Color Club Can You Not as a base on all of my nails. Next, I did a starburst smoosh technique using Color Club Can You Not, Totally Worth It, Like A Boss, and Meet Me At The Rink. I pounced my stamper a couple of times to really amp up the tie dyed look of my decals. Once the decals were dry enough to peel, I flipped them onto my NailStuff.ca Clear Stamper* and applied a thin coat of Chen Xi Star Glue to all of my nails and let it dry to clear before applying the decals to my fingers. I used my NailStuff.ca Angled Silicone Tool to smooth the decal onto the nail and really ensure that it was adhered before trimming with my Born Pretty Store Dual Ended Cuticle Tool

For the stamping, I wanted to use images that would have a decent amount of impact but wouldn't overwhelm the background. For the spiderweb image, I used the Born Pretty Store BP-L099 Stamping Plate (which is by far my favorite spiderweb image on any of the plates I own) and for the spiders and skulls, I used the Nicole Diary-L12 Stamping Plate. I applied all of the images using my NailStuff.ca Clear Stamper* and Maniology Straight Up Black Stamping Polish

To finish, I first applied a coat of Sinful Colors Matte Top Coat to seal in the images so that they wouldn't smudge and then followed with a generous coat of Seche Vive Quick Dry Top Coat and voila!

All Products Used
Color Club Can You Not?
Color Club Totally Worth It
Color Club Like A Boss
Color Club Meet Me At The Rink
Maniology Straight Up Black Stamping Polish
Sinful Colors Matte Top Coat
Seche Vive Quick Dry Top Coat
Chen Xi Star Glue
Born Pretty Store BP-L099 Stamping Plate
Nicole Diary-L012 Stamping Plate
NailStuff.ca Clear Stamper*
Born Pretty Store Metal Cuticle Tool
NailStuff.ca Angled Silicone Tool*
elf Concealer Brush for cleanup

I guess the moral of the story is that you don't have to be entirely on the nose when it comes to what colours you choose as long as you strike a balance. Or maybe I'm just making that up because I really wanted to do some cute Halloween nail art.

Don't forget to keep checking in every few days throughout October for more of my 12 Nails Of Halloween!

Thanks for reading!

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