12 NAILS OF CHRISTMAS: Glittery Red & White Christmas Gel Nails

by - December 11, 2019

For today's 12 Nails Of Christmas, I've got another gel mani for you guys. One thing that I've learned since I've started working with gel is that it's infinitely easier to hand paint with than regular polish. Not only does it tend to stay where you put it a little bit better, but you can cure when you get it right before continuing so that a slip of the hand isn't going to end up ruining your entire mani - yes, this has happened to me many times. So for today, I've got some seriously glittery red and white nail featuring a bauble ornament and some candy cane striped nails as well.

Keep reading to take a look at how I got this.

I started by applying a coat of ASP Make It Peelable Base Coat to all of my nails and immediately following with a coat of Aimeili Gel Base Coat and then curing for 30 seconds. I don't like to let the peelable base dry before I apply my regular base coat because I find that it makes the polish peel more easily when I'm ready to take it off - also, the directions are a little bit vague on that point. Next, I applied two coats of ASP White Hot Gel Polish to my accent nail and ASP Selfish Gel Polish to the rest of my nails and then cured. On my middle finger, I added a coat of UR Sugar UR-49 to get a chunkier glitter look and cured that as well. 

For the candy cane striped nails, I went in with White Hot and a NailStuff.ca Liner Brush to do the stripes. Once I had gotten them the way I wanted them, I cured for 30 seconds. Next, I went in with that same brush and filled in the gaps with Selfish so that I wouldn't have bumps where the white polish was. 

For the ornament nail, I started with a small nail art brush and selfish to draw out and fill in a circle towards the center of my nail. Once I had gotten it just right, I cured. Next, I applied two coats of UR-49 to add a chunkier glitter texture as well as some volume to the ornament, curing between each coat. For the string, I used UR Sugar UR-01 and a fine detail brush to get crisp lines. Finally, I wanted a little bit more pop so I used a large dotting tool to add a red dot at the base of the nail. 

To finish, I applied a coat of Aimeili No Wipe Top Coat to all of my nails and cured. Voila!

All Products Used
ASP Make It Peelable Base Coat
Aimeili Gel Base Coat 
ASP Gel Polish - Selfish
ASP Gel Polish - White Hot
UR Sugar Gel Polish - UR-01 (Black)
UR Sugar Gel Polish - UR-49 (Chunky Red Glitter)
Aimeili No Wipe Gel Top Coat
NailStuff.ca Nail Art Brushes*
NailStuff.ca Dotting Tool*
Dulcii 54W UV/LED Lamp

One thing that I've always been drawn to about gel polish is the way that the glitters look and I knew that I was going to want both fine and chunky red glitters in my collection for this holiday season. I'm really excited about how much more confident I am hand painting with gels and looking forward to seeing what I can try in the future now that I have a lamp.

Another thing that has really helped is having good nail art brushes - and I really, really love the ones that were gifted to me (and customized for me) from NailStuff.ca! If you're interested in trying out any of their tools - or just ordering any of the gorgeous polishes they stock - you can use my affiliate code TRYSH for 10% off your order!

Thanks for reading!

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