MANI MONDAY: Easy Water Decal Rose Nails

by - May 25, 2020

Hey guys! When I sat down to put together our last week of #CBBxManiMonday Floral themed nails for June, I knew that I wanted to finally reach for some really pretty sort of watercolour rose water decals that I've had in my collection for a while. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do, so I reached for some gorgeous OPI polishes and just sort of... threw together a super simple mani that I think turned out really pretty.

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An all pink mani isn't generally my thing, but I knew that I wanted a really soft, neutral pink base for this mani so I grabbed OPI Rice Rice Baby and applied two coats to all of my nails as a base. As pinks go, this shade from last year's Tokyo Collection is kind of perfection. 

Next, I went in an added some dry brushing to my middle two nails. I wanted to keep it towards the tip so that it would just peak out from behind the flowers, so I didn't go too crazy with it. I also wanted the shades I used to be directly from the colours of the flowers so I used OPI Let's Be Friends*, Mariachi Makes My Day*, and Telenovela Me About It* and I think it turned out pretty bang on.

Now, for the flowers, I reached for the Purple Water Colour Roses Water Decals*. I've actually really been wanting to use water decals lately and this seemed like the perfect time. I cut all of the flowers that I wanted to use out first and planned how I was going to place them before dipping them into the water and using a clear stamper to transfer them to the nails.

I finished with two coats of Essence Extreme Shine Top Coat and voila!

All Products Used
OPI - Rice Rice Baby
OPI - Let's Be Friends*
OPI - Mariachi Makes My Day*
OPI - Telenovela Me About It*
Essence Extreme Shine Top Coat Purple Water Colour Rose Water Decals* Clear Stamper*

Now that I've done this mani, I find myself really wanting to build up my stash of water decals. They really are such an easy way to create nail art - no matter how much of a novice you may be - and they still definitely allow for creativity. 

If you're interested in trying out water decals, has some great options - including the ones I used for this mani in three different colour ways - and their water decals and stickers ship free. Feel free to use affiliate code TRYSH at check out to get 10% off your order!

As always, don't forget to head over to Cosmetic Proof and See The World In PINK to check out more floral nail art for this week's #CBBxManiMonday!

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