CHRISTMAS NAIL ART: Red & Green Nordic Star Sweater Nails

by - December 10, 2020

When it comes to holiday nails, one of my favorites in all of the years I've been doing nail art has been stamped sweater nails. I am 100% a person who, in real life, loves an ugly Christmas sweater every Christmas Eve with the family, so I can't imagine that anyone is surprised that I would love it on my nails as well. It's also an incredibly versatile design and no matter how many times I've done a stamped sweater design, I've never done the same one twice. For this one, I decided to pair some really rich base colours with bold white nordic star stamping for a sort of classic Fair Isle kind of look. 

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Honestly, this mani really was born from these two base polishes ending up next to each other on my desk and me deciding that they needed to be paired for a mani. If you read this blog with any sort of regularity, you'll already know that Dimension Nails' Amazonian Manatee* is one of my absolute all time favorite nail polishes and there really was no way it wasn't coming out to play this winter. New to me this year, though, is BioSculpture Gemini Nourishing Nail Polish in Berry Bush*, which is this gorgeous rich red that pulls a gorgeous cranberry tone and paired really perfectly with the rich, deep green of Amazonian Manatee for this look. (I am 100% tooting all over my own horn here, but I'm just in love with this pairing and these two polishes.) For this mani, I applied one coat of Amazonian Manatee to my first and ring fingers, and 2 coats of Berry Bush to my middle and pinkie fingers. 

I really wanted to keep the stamping simple but use a fairly bold image, which is why I reached for the Nicole Diary L13 Stamping Plate for this mani. This image has that quite large nordic star in the center and has a sort of pixelated, crisp look that was exactly what I wanted. Even though it's quite a subtle detail in the end, I did alternate the direction that I placed this image on my nails, with the chevron at the base of the red nails and the tip of the green nails. Like I said, subtle but I think it adds a little something.

Once I was happy with the stamping, I sealed it in with a coat of water based top coat and then finished with a matte top coat to take down the shine and voila!

All Products Used
Dimension Nails - Amazonian Manatee**
Whats Up Nails - Blanc My Mind
Suncoat Water Based Top Coat
Quo Flash Dry Matte Top Coat
Pueen Liquid Peel Off Cuticle Guard
Nicole Diary L13 Stamping Plate
Whats Up Nails Magnified Clear Stamper

**PR Sample from - use affiliate code TRYSH for 10% off your order!

Honestly, I'm just obsessed with these two polishes together - I think this is my favorite red and green pairing I've ever done. I also really love the big, chunky sweater design along with these two colours - it's impactful but simple at the same time, which can be a hard chord to strike. 

Be sure to check back here every day until Christmas Eve for more holiday/winter themed nail art designs and head over to @pblnails on Instagram to check out my nail art videos!

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