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Hey guys! I know the beauty content has been a little bit taken over by nails in the past couple of months - it's a 2020 burnout thing and I promise I've got more skin care and makeup and hair related content on the horizon - but recently I got to try out White Rabbit NAKED COTTON* and I really wanted to get it up here on the blog!  

Facial cotton may not seem like the most exciting - but seriously, read on!

When the people at White Rabbit reached out to me with the opportunity to try out the NAKED COTTON, I was immediately super interested - especially since my skin care routine has fallen off somewhat this year and I'm looking to get back into a self care focused routine and I thought that these could be a great addition to that. Something that I don't know if I've ever really mentioned here on the blog is that when it comes to cotton pads for my face, you will generally find me shopping for Japanese or Korean brands. There's just something about the feel and quality of them that I don't find in North American brands and if I'm going to use cotton pads on my face, I'm actually pretty picky about which ones I use, so the fact that White Rabbit is a Korean brand definitely piqued my interest. 

The White Rabbit NAKED COTTON* comes in 2 varieties - Classic and Textured - and they are made from 100% natural cotton that's grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. What actually really drew me was the fact that they're 100% biodegradable, which makes me personally feel better about using disposable cotton pads on a regular basis. They also promise to be lint free, super soft, and durable. You can see, I'm sure, why I was so super interested to give these a go and share them here on the blog!

White Rabbit NAKED COTTON Classic*
NAKED COTTON™ Classic is extra soft cotton pads that are ideal when applying your favorite toner or essence. It absorbs liquid just enough to glide on your face without wasting it, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated. Let this truly versatile cotton sheet elevate your skincare routine.

Say goodbye to rips and pills, now you can get the most out of your products without being harsh on your skin.

While this is called "Classic" it definitely, for me, stands out from other facial cotton that I've tried. The first and, I think, most obvious difference is the size. When it's in the package, it looks like any other cotton pad, but when you take it out you find that it actually unfolds to be 4x6", which makes it surprisingly versatile. One thing that they recommend that this product is good for is a DIY sheet mask that you can make just by saturating a pad in your favorite essence or toner and applying it to your face. It obviously doesn't fit like a sheet mask, but it's a great way to do an intense application of a hydrating essence that you already love and if you wanted you could easily cut this into shapes to sit on specific parts of your face like under your eyes. 

For me, this is definitely the product that I will reach for primarily to remove my eye makeup. I have pretty sensitive eyes (one of the reasons I'm picky about my cotton pads) so having these super soft pads that just glide over the skin without being scratchy or leaving my skin pinked up and irritated is really, really nice. I also like that I can actually unfold this so that it's wide and use one sheet simultaneously for both eyes and just press to gently remove my eye makeup. I also like this for applying product like toner all over my skin. The size of it fits really easily in my fingers so that I can glide over the skin smoothly without applying too much pressure, and it's just so soft that it feels luxurious to use. 

White Rabbit NAKED COTTON Textured*
NAKED COTTON™ Textured is a perforated version of our Classic cotton pads. With its tiny holes on the surface, it works as a gentle exfoliator on its own or double the effect when using an exfoliator. Let this meticulously woven sheet help you remove makeup without leaving any residue behind.

Use it with your favorite micellar water based cleanser or toner with AHA, BHA or fruit acids. Because of its extra-large size, all you need is one sheet to do the job!

I will fully admit that I wasn't quite sure how I was going to feel about these - again, my skin does not react well to things that are scratchy and I didn't want to use a pad that was going to cause irritation. I needn't have worried though. These pads are textured, yes, but they're also super, super soft, which is kind of an interesting this for me. I will admit that I haven't tried these around my eyes, as I've been testing them I've been using the classic in that area, and for me this is definitely more of an all over the face type of product anyway. 

What really appeals to me about these pads is definitely the idea of using them all over the face during my toner step, particularly on the days when I'm not using a chemical exfoliator, to give a really gentle physical exfoliation to the skin. I have definitely found that consistent but gentle exfoliation makes a huge difference in the overall look of my skin and if I don't keep up with that, my skin definitely tends to look dull and feel just... not its best, so having a really gentle cotton pad that offers a light exfoliation without any scratchiness or irritation is pretty great. I honestly did not think that I was going to like the NAKED COTTON Textured anywhere near as much as I do. 

I really wanted to get up close photos of the textures of the two pads so that you can really see the differences in them because it's pretty significant. While both are super soft and have shown to be surprisingly durable to me, they're both pretty different and I think they serve distinctly different uses in my routine. I mean, that isn't to say that a box of the Classic ones isn't going to get the job done, but I personally think they both have their value and applications where they shine. 

While I was pretty excited to try these out, I really didn't know I was going to love them as much as I do. I think sometimes we focus so much on the products that we can forget about or downplay the importance of tools, which is how I think about cotton pads for both removing product from the skin and also applying it, but I really do think that it's important and can really make a difference. I also really like these ones in particular because of that balance between them being really effective and lovely to use, but also 100% biodegradable and free of chemicals that could harm the environment. 

If you're interested in trying out the White Rabbit NAKED COTTON* in either the Classic Or Textured varieties, they're available on their website, Soko Glam, and Amazon

Thanks for reading!

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