NAIL ART: Soft & Simple No Tools Nail Art ft. Kokie

by - May 25, 2021

In nail polish lover circles, you'll often hear about palette cleanser types of polishes - those soft polishes that just give you a minute to breathe after the more intense, unique and in your face polishes that tend to get us all excited. For me, since I'm always more interested in having nail art than just polish on my nails, my palette cleanser is actually a design style that I know followers of this blog will be pretty familiar with at this point. I needed a little bit of a breather and a reset for my creativity, so I grabbed a few new-to-me polishes from Kokie Professional Nail Polish* and just went for it in what I would probably call my signature design - and I kept it super simple without any additions that require more than bottles of polish, so this is a look that just about anyone can easily recreate. 

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Finding a good beige sheer that applies smooth and even from the drugstore (or in this case, the beauty supply store) can be a little bit tricky, so I will admit that I didn't have the highest of hopes for Kokie's Blossom, and as a result it sort of ended up blowing me away. It applies like an absolute dream, with a really smooth, even coverage in a really, really gorgeous formula that has some volume to it once it's dry. It's definitely a sheer and I feel like you probably couldn't build it up to opacity without having really, really thick polish, so I would only grab this if you're looking for a really amazing sheer polish.

For this mani, I applied 2 coats - but I will say that on natural nails you'll probably want 3 for this level of coverage. I do have an overlay of polygel on my natural nails right now for added strength and even though it's "clear" it got a little cloudy on this application and does help to camouflage my nail line a little bit. 

So the basic idea of this nail art design is that it's a layered drybrush technique that angles in at a diagonal from the corners of the nail, moving in one direction across the entire hand. For this mani, I started with drybrush strokes of white polish and then went in with the mauve, alternating to get my desired level of density and balance between the two colors. Next, I went in with this gold holo glitter polish and just very, very lightly topped where I had done the rest of my drybrushing for some texture and a little bit of subtle sparkle. 

Once my nail art was dry to the touch, I went in with a layer of glossy top coat and voila - simple as that! 

All Products Used
Kokie Professional Nail Polish - Blossom
Kokie Professional Nail Polish - Ski Patrol
Kokie Professional Nail Polish - Mystic Mauve
Kokie Professional Nail Polish - Celestial
Glisten & Glow Top Coat

This genuinely is one of the simplest and most versatile designs that I have in my arsenal - and I'm so in love with it that you'll generally see me pull it out every month or two in different color palettes and styles, often with added stamping. You could also add stickers or water decals or little hand painted dots and swirls. Honestly, as a base for nail art goes, this design sort of can't go wrong and will probably always be a favorite for me as a result.

If you try out this mani, please do tag me on social media because I'd love to see it!

All of the Kokie Professional Nail Polishes* that I used in this mani are available from Sally Beauty and are of really solid quality!

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