SWATCH & REVIEW: Kokie Cosmetics Plant Based Green Polish

by - November 25, 2021

I have been so, so impressed with the quality and performance of the Kokie Cosmetics polishes that I've tried so far, so I was really curious when I saw that they were releasing a new range of plant based polishes how they would hold up. They were kind enough to send over 6 shades from their Green Polish range and I was really eager to try them out on my nails - and was overall really impressed with their performance.

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Introducing Kokie’s first plant-based nail line! We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise quality or expression when going green—that’s why Kokie Green Polish comes in a rainbow of vibrant and fun colors. Its 16-Free formula is plant-based, bio-sourced, vegan, and cruelty-free. As an extra perk Kokie Green strengthens and conditions nails while wearing for up to 6 days.

Kokie Cosmetics Green Polish - Cherry Blossom*
This polish is a very classic cool toned baby pink shade that I think you will either love or hate, from a shade perspective. I was actually really surprised at how flattering it was on my skin tone, since that is not always the case with this type of shade and the me of it all. That said, if this is a shade that you like and works for your skin, this is a really good version of it. I would say it's a 2-3 coat opacity, depending on how you polish. I ended up doing 3 thinner coats and it was a really smooth, easy application. 

Kokie Cosmetics Green Polish - Hotline*
Did I think I would love this shimmery orange shade when I first saw it in the bottle? No, I did not. Was I wrong about that? Absolutely, I was. I'm kind of obsessed with this polish. Like I said, it's a really true orange shade with a really fine gold shimmer running through it, which gives a really nice flash in the light. On short nails, I'd say that you could definitely get away with two coats of this for full coverage, but on my nail length I definitely needed that third coat to really bump up the opacity. The application on this was actually kind of dreamy. This formula does leave behind some brush strokes, but I actually found it really easy to get smooth, straight strokes and also they definitely faded significantly as the polish dried. I love this polish so much, I swear, and I did not see that coming at all. 

Kokie Cosmetics Green Polish - Just My Type*
This cornflower blue créme polish is a really classic shade and it actually reminds me a lot, a lot of the cult favorite and now discontinued original formula of Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue. One the first coat, this polish was a little bit sheer and thin, but it built easily to a surprisingly full opacity on the second coat. It's got a super smooth, beautiful formula and it was a really easy application for me. Honestly, there's really not much I can say about this - it's a really great polish. 

Kokie Cosmetics Green Polish - Rendevous*
If you're in the market for a holiday red polish, this classic red créme is a really solid option and brings out all of the holiday vibes for me immediately. It is a really neutral, midtoned primary red that I honestly think will flatter just about any skin tone. The formula on this is also really beautiful. It has two coat full coverage in a really smooth and easy application. Honestly, this one isn't even going to get put away in my collection because I already know that it's coming out to play this holiday season. Stunning!

Kokie Cosmetics Green Polish - Trouble Maker*
Of all six of these polishes, this was definitely the most interesting to me in the bottle - although I can't really say that a hot pink with gold shimmer is the kind of shade that is up my usual alley. Still, this is such a pretty shade and I'm always drawn to these more interesting and unique formulas. The formula on this was really lovely. On that first coat, it's pretty sheer. On the second coat, it doesn't quite get to opacity but it has a solid camoflaging effect on that visible nail line and on short nails you could probably easily stop at two coats. I went with three on my nail length and I absolutely love the effect. I feel like this is going to be a summer toes type of shade, but I also think it'll make a beautiful base for nail art and is an amazing option for someone who likes a really bold nail color. Gorgeous!

Kokie Cosmetics Green Polish - Venom*
I am a huge fan of green polishes. In fact, in the past couple of years green has become probably the colour I have the most of in my polish collection, which is sort of insane. Still, this particular yellow toned grassy green shade is definitely unique in my collection and is in a beautiful formula. It has really impressive coverage, though I would still recommend two coats to get to smooth, even full coverage because you can't quite get there on the first coat without polishing really heavy. It's a beautiful application - smooth, easy and level. Two thumbs up. 

When it comes to performance between this range and the polishes from the original Kokie Nail Polish range, they really are super comparable and both have really, really impressive performance overall. One thing that I really love about this range in general is the shade selection - there's a lot of really classic shades, but you also have some real stand outs that you don't tend to see in permanent collections of accessible, mainstream polishs and I love that!

Kokie Nail Polish is available at Sally Beauty!

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