SWATCH & REVIEW: Aimeili 12 Piece Gel Polish Set

by - January 05, 2024

Recently, Aimeili sent over one of their 12 piece gel polish sets for me to try out and I'm super excited to share this set with you guys - especially since it's currently on sale for 40% off on, making it only $16.99, which is pretty much an amazing price for 12 good quality gel polishes. Aimeili is one of the first gel polish brands that I tried and is one that I keep going back to because the quality is consistently good, it's really easy to get my hands on, and the price point is quite affordable even when they aren't on sale!

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Though Aimeili has several 12 piece sets, the one that I'll be featuring today is the only one that is currently on discount. I would say this set has a distinct fall lean, but I think that outside of the context of this set you really can use most of these shades year 'round. Also, if you're looking for a variety of different nude shades, this set is a great option. It has several nude shades all with different undertones and a few varying depths. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 202*
This is a beige toned nude that has very neutral undertones. The formula on this one is really creamy and lovely and I found that I got full coverage in 2 coats. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 203*
This is the more pink toned nude in this set. It definitely still lives in the nude family, but the undertones are definitely leaning blush. Again, smooth, rich formula with 2 coat coverage. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 204*
Next, we have the peachy nude in the collection, which doesn't lean too warm and I think would suit a lot of skintones that are not mine. This one I did need to do 3 coats to get even coverage on, but it was still a nice, smooth formula. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 205*
I'm definitely personally a mauve nude kind of a girl, so this is one that I really love. It has a bit more depth than the previous shades and a nice neutral undertone that I think will make it quite universal. Two coat coverage and a smooth, creamy formula. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 206*
In my notes, I described this as an apricot shade and I still by that. In person, it's definitely a bit softer than it shows up in photos and again I think this will look great on a lot of skintones, but probably not mine. Really gorgeous formula on this one and I almost had 1 coat coverage, but did add a second just to be sure. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 207*
This shade definitely stood out in this collection because it's a really classic midtoned pink that has a bit of brightness to it. I think this will be a pretty overall flattering pink shade on a lot of different skin tones. Great formula, smooth application, 2 coat coverage. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 208*
This jelly mauve shade immediately jumped out as my favorite in the collection because of its somewhat squishy jelly formula and the really, really flattering undertones. I would say this is a 2-3 coater if you're looking for opacity, but it does have a beautiful sheer look in 1-2 coats. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 209*
This shade is a GORGEOUS berry red with a strong pinky undertone and I think it's one of those reds that will likely be universally flattering on pretty much every skin tone. It's also a gorgeous formula with 2 coat coverage and a gorgeous application. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 210*
I would describe this shade as pumpkin. It's not quite a true orange because it has that slightly muted tone and a strong yellow undertone. And it is STUNNING. I did get full coverage with this shade in one coat with a really smooth, easy application. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 211*
I would describe this shade as a burnt brick red/orange. In person, it has a little bit less depth than comes across in the photos. This was another 2 coat polish with a really smooth, easy application. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 212*
This is a really straightforward mid-toned brown shade with a yellow undertone that just feels incredibly chic to me. I know brown polish might not be for everyone, but if you can pull it off I think it looks really sophisticated. I'm a broken record at this point, but you're looking at 2 coat coverage with a really gorgeous formula. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade 213*
This is a deep indigo blue shade that is gorgeous - and really stands out amongst all of the neutrals and warm shades in this collection. Again, I think this is a really sophisticated, beautiful shade that would be universally flattering. 2 coats for opacity and a really smooth, rich formula. 

Honestly, I do feel like my descriptions for this collection are a bit redundant, but that just shows the consistency here. For the most part, these are 2 coat polishes in a smooth, creamy, rich formula. I think this would be a particularly great collection to pick up if you're just getting into gel polish and particularly gel nail art, because these are such staples colours and they will really work well together. 

As I said, Aimeili is currently running a promotion on this collection on Amazon with a $10 off coupon, making it $16.99. While this collection was gifted to me, I DO NOT make a commission if you pick this up via my link, in case that's something that concerns you. If you're interested in picking this up, be sure to act quickly because I've been informed that the coupon will not be active for very long. That said, I actually do think this collection is a good deal at regular price as well.  

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