March 2014 Empties

by - April 04, 2014

So... For all intents and purposes, I'm a bit of an (epic) Goo Hoarder and I rarely actually finish things. Recently I've decided that I needed to stop doing that, because things go bad and that's just a waste all around. Hence why I decided to do empties posts... If I never finish anything, I won't be able to make this.

So I give you... Empties. Ooh! Ahh!

NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Age Hand Cream - (Already repurchased)
This product actually kind of has Holy Grail status for me. I have a bottle of it on my nightstand and another on my desk at work. Occasionally I get the idea to try a different hand cream and even if I like those ones, they  never quite hold up to this one. It's non-greasy, soaks into the skin quickly, and feels incredibly silky. I don't necessary think that it would take care of incredibly dry or chapped hands, but it manages to keep mine from getting to that point. It's nothing fancy or anything like that, but it really does get the job done.

A! Absolute Makeup Cleansing Tissues - (No repurchase)
Like, it seems, everyone else on the internet, I got these in my Ipsy bag and they were highly disappointing. I don't think I really need to say much more about them, because they were just meh. I'm still on the lookout for my perfect cleansing cloths to throw in my overnight bag.

Almay Get Up And Grow Mascara - (Maybe repurchase at some point)
I tried this because of a Youtube recommendation and I actually liked it. When I first opened it, I found it a little too wet to do what I wanted it to, but once it dried up just a little bit I really liked it. It wasn't anything over the top amazing, but it definitely got the job done.

Lancome Hypnostar Mascara - (No repurchase)
Okay, confession... I'm pretty sure I got this in a subscription box, but I have no idea when and even though I know I used it, I have no recollection of it. No idea if I liked it or not. Since it wasn't memorable, I definitely wouldn't shell out for it.

KIT Nail Polish Remover - (Will repurchase)
I actually really liked this nail polish remover. It lasted a really long time, which speaks to its effectiveness considering the frequency with which I change my nail polish. I've been using a different brand recently and have found it much more drying than the KIT one, so once I finish that one I'll definitely be switching back to this one.

SNOXIN by Indeed Labs - (No repurchase)
I like this and I did see some improvement in my skin when I started using it, but not enough that I felt absolutely determined to buy it again. I don't think that it lives up to its claims of being better than much more expensive, higher end serums at all. I think it's solidly good and would believe that some people have had very good results from it, but it definitely isn't HG status for me.

Batiste Dry Shampoo TROPICAL Scent - (Already repurchased)
I've been trying a lot of different dry shampoos recently (which there will be a blog about soon), but I always come back to my Tropical Batiste. I would love it if I could find some miracle dry shampoo that would tick all the boxes - Effective, Affordable, Nice Scent, No Whitecast - but thus far this is the closest I've gotten. The only thing I don't love about it is the whitecast, but I manage to deal with it pretty effectively by running my fingers through it and giving it a good brush. And I absolutely love this summery scent - even in the winter.

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish - (Would repurchase)
I received this sample size in a Sephora 500 point perk along with a couple of other Laura Mercier products that I've been trying out, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I'm pretty picky when it comes to scrubs for my face, because I find that if I get too vigorous with them my skin hates me a lot afterwards, but this one just felt incredible. After washing my face and giving it a good, gentle scrub with this, my skin felt clean and soft without any irritation. In the future, I'll definitely consider buying a full size.

Revlon Colorstay 24 Hour Liquid Foundation - Normal to Dry Skin - (Will repurchase)
Honestly, the only reason I haven't repurchased this yet is because I'm bound and determined to work my way through some of the other foundations in my collection, but this one will always be a favourite. I definitely prefer the Normal to Dry skin formula on my face because the Combination to Oily option is too matte for me. This really does keep a nice, flawless finish to the skin all day - but 24 hours, as usual, is definitely a stretch. 

EcoTools Blush Brush - (Would repurchase, but probably won't...)
I got a lot of miles out of this brush. I'm pretty sure that I've owned it for at least 8 years... though I don't think I've actually used it in over a year. It took a beating and held up, that much I will say. I actually really like EcoTools brushes and frequently use their kabuki's. I would actually purchase a new one of these, because it really did get the job done, and I definitely recommend EcoTools brushes to beginners and teens.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 FAIR - (Already repurchased)
Short and sweet... This is my absolute favourite concealer and I'm on my third one. And I'll probably go through many, many more as long as they keep making them. I use this on days when I'm doing a full face of makeup as well as ones where I just want to throw on some concealer and go. It gets it done across the board, blends really nicely, and sticks around. All around win.

RIMMEL Match Perfection Concealer in 125 FAIR - (Already repurchased)
What can I say... I really like concealer. Also, I wouldn't finish one that I really didn't like. I like using this one specifically when I'm doing a full face of makeup. I find that it blends out really, really well and matches up with my foundation really easily to give me a flawless finish. I actually keep this one in my overnight bag all the time and it gets a lot of miles.

Next month... HAIR CARE. And probably BODY. 

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