REVIEW: Hope Girl 140 Super Lash Mascara

by - July 08, 2014

Without a single doubt, this was the item that I was most excited about getting in my last Memebox. If you've never heard of Memebox, it's a beauty box service out of South Korea that offers a variety of different types of boxes for people internationally who want to try out different Korean beauty products. And I have to say... I'm obsessed.

BUT BACK TO THE MASCARA... Like I said, this mascara was the most exciting part of the Office Essentials Box. So far, I had really liked the items that I had tried from Hope Girl (Lipstick review coming soon!) and I'm definitely a self proclaimed mascara junkie, so this was right up my alley. 

Keep reading for my thoughts on this product..

Okay, so I'm not generally a HUGE fan of animal print, I'll tell you that, but I absolutely love the packaging of this product. Like you see above, it was packaged individually in a box, which always feels higher end to me. The tube itself is a beautiful deep purple shimmery shade that reminds me of some of my favorite fall nail polishes with gold printing and the animal print on it there as well, though the pattern is much sleeker and, I think, classier on the tube. As far as the packaging is concerned, this is absolutely top shelf to me. I know packaging doesn't actually mean anything, but every makeup junkie I know loves really beautiful packaging. Am I right?

The tube of this mascara is long and slim, giving it a good feel in the hand. I like that I feel like I have good control when I'm using the wand. The brush itself has traditional bristles, as opposed to rubberized ones, that are slightly longer at the base than they are at the tip. The brush has a slight curve to it as well. As far as design is concerned, I really have no complaints about this brush. It allows me to get to all of my lashes and really add length where I want it.

Okay, now we have to talk about the formula, which is definitely one that I'm on the fence about. It really, really has its PROs and CONs and they are really wrapped up in each other.

The best thing about this mascara is that it gives you a ton of length, but at the same time I feel like it makes my lashes feel a little thin and sparse rather than giving them any volume. I don't wanna say it clumps my lashes together, because I don't feel like that's the right word. It's almost like it defines each lash so much that they just don't look full. I haven't tried layering this with a more volumizing mascara, because I don't generally like to mix, but that could possibly be the answer to this problem for me. However, if you're someone with naturally full lashes that just wants to add length, this would definitely be a solid choice of mascara for you. If you're looking for volume? Just no.

The other thing that I'm on the fence about when it comes to this mascara is its staying power. And when I say that, I mean it has INCREDIBLE staying power. I haven't found it smudging or flaking at all... However, it feels almost impossible to get off. Even after using both a cleansing oil and Bioderma, there is still a ton of this mascara left on my lashes. It's to the point where even after a full cleansing routine the night before, I wake up the morning after wearing this and it's like I didn't try to take my makeup off at all. So while it's great that it doesn't budge when you don't want it to budge, it's incredibly frustrating when you have to deal with it after.

All in all, I feel like this is a mascara that definitely has it's high points, but that they're right alongside its low points and for the cost ($22 on the Memebox website), I could buy my Holy Grail Tarte Gifted Mascara and get all of the high points of this without the lows. 

That being said... Did you see that packaging? GORGEOUS.

Until next time! XO.

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