UNBOXING: Memebox Office Essentials Box

by - July 02, 2014

As I write this, I'm trying to figure out at which point these little pink boxes become an addiction. I feel like I'm pretty much a junkie at this point, but I'm strangely comfortable with that. I always feel like, no matter what I paid (or how much they fudged the value of the products in the box) Memebox is always a really good value. 

For anyone who doesn't know what Memebox is... Memebox is a South Korean mystery beauty box service. You choose a box from a pretty huge selection of boxes and pay a flat rate for it. Each box contains 4-8 full size or deluxe sample sized products with a value far exceeding anywhere near what you paid. There are several different kinds of boxes, but once they sell out they're generally gone for good. This is NOT a subscription service, so you do have to shop for the boxes that you want - but they are constantly adding boxes and sending emails... TEMPTATION. Is that a good enough description? I think it's pretty self explanatory.

For me, I'm seriously drawn to the boxes that almost seem... Weird? I want to try odd ball products, things I can't get here, and I also want to be surprised by the curation of different boxes. For better or worse... Which is why I chose this box. Office Essentials? INTERESTING. Keep reading for a closer look at what I got.

I really had no idea what they would include in this box, but I figured that it was a good bet to try it since I seem to have a complete makeup arsenal in my desk for any beauty related disaster, and there's always room to add more.

1. Label Young Shocking Toner - 250ml FULL SIZE Product
Value $28
First off... I'm pretty certain that they fudged the price on this one. I looked it up online and found that it sells for much cheaper than $28. But the important part is the product. It is described as a "gentle yet effective toner" that "combines a toner, a lotion, and an essence" to "rehydrate your skin from deep within and help maintain the moisture/oil balance." I can get down with that, if it does what it claims. I'm not really sure how I would ever leave this in my office, since it's a big tub of purple, fruity smelling jelly. Also, I don't know when I would ever put this over my makeup. I mean, it comes with a spatula! I do think this is really cool, though, and I can't wait to try it. Just a weird box for it to appear in.

2. LoveyDovey Perfume Fabric Mist - 60ml 
Value $5
First off... This wasn't actually supposed to be in this box. There was supposed to be a facial mist in the box, which was the spoiler item, but for some reason this was substituted. I don't really mind, since Memebox gave me 10 Memepoints as an apology and I didn't really care about the facial mist to begin with. 10 bucks towards other boxes is better. I actually really like this as well, since sometimes I do feel like my clothes need a bit of a midday refresh and this scent is really fresh and clean smelling. It's nothing particularly earth shattering... but I don't necessarily need the items in these boxes to be. I just want functional quality, and this has that potential.

3. Pure Smile Refresh Tissue Citrus Punch - 2 packages of 10 sheets
Value $6
These are super cute. Also, I think they're Japanese, which is new for me. There's both Japanese and Hangul writing on the package, but since I can't read either of those... Yeah, I dunno. Anyway, this is a small item, but most certainly handy as far as I'm concerned. The description says that they're for freshening up your body on hot, sweaty days or for cleaning up messes. I think, considering that we're at the beginning of July and the AC in my office is... finicky sometimes, I'll probably use them for the former. And if they do work and leave my skin dry and fresh, I'll be a happy woman.

4. RiveCowe Sebum Control Convenient Compact - 8g FULL SIZE Product
Value $14
First off, I'm not much of a baby pink packaging kind of a girl... but I've definitely had to embrace the cute when it comes to Korean products so this is a little less offensive to my eyes than it once upon a time might have been. Also, it's a nice little product. The packaging seems sturdy enough that I can easily throw it in my purse and the shade of the powder actually works pretty beautifully with my skin. I dabbed a little under my eyes (on my bare face) and it actually did really improve the appearance of my skin - especially those pesky pores on my cheeks. I think I'm going to like this one.


5. Hope Girl 140 Super Lash Mascara - 11ml FULL SIZE PRODUCT
Value $22
Unsurprisingly enough, when I read spoilers last week this was definitely the product that I was most looking forward to. In the last box I received, there were two different Hope Girl products and they were both really good - I'll even go so far as to say that the lipstick is amazing. First off, the packaging on this product is gorgeous. The tube is a dark, smoky purple shimmer - like the kind of nail polish I'd go out of my mind for - with gold animal print and printing. It's just sleek and gorgeous, I really like it. The want is slim and curved, pretty simple, and it looks like this might be a fibre mascara even though the description doesn't say so. It does say, though, that this mascara is very lengthening, long wearing, and won't smudge, clump or dry out. Could it be? Could it really? I want this to be true, because... everything about this is just gorgeous.

6. Very Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lipgloss - 10ml FULL SIZE PRODUCT
Value $17
I really dislike the smell of rose, I'll tell you that, and this has a very, very strong rose scent. Right off, I'm not a fan of that. However, I've heard that some of the best lip products smell like rose, so maybe I've been missing out. I did put this on and it feels quite nice on the lips. There's no colour to it, so I feel like it's just supposed to give a wet type sheen to the lips, which I don't mind. It's not sticky at all and it feels very moisturizing on the lips, probably due to the Propolis, honey and jojoba seed oil. I feel like this is probably going to end up sitting in front of my monitor and getting a lot of use - office essential indeed.
7. Maxim Mocha Gold Instant Coffee - 2 packages
Value... Under $1
This one shouldn't make me grin... but it totally does. Since this is the 7th item in the box, I feel like it might as well be considered a kind of bonus, but it's one that I'm actually pretty happy about. I'm a coffee drinker and a Korean drama viewer, so I've always been curious about the little instant coffee packets that they drink on dramas. Now's my chance to try them! Apparently they're quite sweet, which makes them different from the kind of coffee that I'm used to, and super easy to make with their just add hot water approach. So... super cheap, but a grinner for sure.
Total Value: $93

So, as far as Value is concerned, this is more on par with my Tonymoly Superbox than with any of the other boxes I've received. However, after using some Memepoints applied to this and my 10 Minute Box, I only paid $19 for this box with shipping included. Not too bad, right?

CLICK HERE to check out Memebox for yourself!

I'm definitely still loving Memebox and if anyone reading this would like to share their Memebox experiences, I'd love to hear about it!


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