June 2014 Favorites

by - June 27, 2014

I'm beginning to kind of hate these posts, if only because they feel like they come so quickly and it reminds me of how fast the time is passing. June has been a good month - busy, but good - and I've been keeping my makeup and skin care routine fairly basic and steady. At first, I wasn't even sure that I was going to have a favorites post to make... but there's always a favorites post in there somewhere.

1. LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser
I love when I get to talking with the people who work at LUSH. They absolutely always have a good recommendation for me. Earlier this month, I got to talking to a guy working there who seemed to have the exact same skin type and concerns as me. When I mentioned that I can only use my Ocean Salt scrub about once a week or my skin gets irritated, he told me to try this and said that he uses it every day. I really like it. I've been using it every other day and whenever I do, I find that my skin feels really clean and fresh when I'm finished. I've also found that it doesn't dry me out, which is a hard balance to strike with my skin. I'm going to keep using this and hope it continues to work with my skin well.

2. Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Single in Brulée
A while back I read someone else's blog post (I believe it was Musings of a Muse) that said this was a dupe for Bare Minerals Well Rested, which I had always wanted to try. I had this single in my eyeshadow drawer, but like so many of my other singles it often got overlooked in favour of the convenience of palettes. Of course, hearing that comparison made me pull it out, since I love a versatile product and I'm always looking for something to set my undereye concealer. It wins. It really does. A light application under the eyes brightens and keeps my concealer from moving, and I can use it for a nice, soft highlight on my eyes at the same time. I think I'm gonna buy a back up.

3. Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched
This came in an Ipsy bag and it swatched absolutely terribly. I mean, seriously, it's a really light bronzer to begin with but it barely showed up at all when I swatched it on the back of my hand. In fact, I'm pretty sure most people that swatched it were disappointed. HOWEVER, when applied to my quite fair skin with a brush, it actually gives me a really nice, subtle warmth to the skin. Especially in the warmer months, my skin definitely needs that. This is absolutely not for women with deeper skin tones, but it's working really beautifully for me and it's pretty much the only bronzer I've used this month.

4. MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
Confession time... This is literally the first thing I've ever bought from MAC. I've just never really felt comfortable at a MAC counter or in a MAC store, so no matter how much I've wanted quite a few things from MAC, I've never pulled the trigger. Until now. And I'm pretty sure that this was always going to be my first MAC purchase. As it should be. I love this stuff. I've literally used it with 90% of the eye looks that I've done this month, as a base, and I've also popped it on just to even out my eye lid when I've been doing a no-makeup-makeup. It's gorgeous and creamy in texture and it stays really nicely on my lids all day. This is obviously one of those cult products for good reason. And it got me to shop at a MAC counter, which will inevitably lead to me having a big of a MAC collection in no time.

5. MUFE Smoky Extravagant Mascara
This came in the LASH STASH from Sephora that I got last winter. I'm pretty sure that I hadn't touched it because I tend not to be so into that kind of brush. I generally find them awkward and uncomfortable to use. So then my friend got her Sephora birthday gift a few weeks ago and she loved it, which inspired me to bust it out and give it a try. And it's great. It's really black. I mean, really black. And it gives me the kind of lashes that I wish I was born with. I'm not the best at describing mascara, but this one is just really, really good. I'm glad I still have my Sephora birthday gift to look forward to, since this one is going to be pooched sooner than later.

6. BITE Beauty Luminous Créme Lipstick in Violet
I reviewed this product yesterday and I haven't had it for the entire month of June, but it pretty much stole the show the first time I put it on. I love it so much, in fact, that at 9:18am as I write this, I'm already looking forward to tonight when I get to dress up for a night out. Not gonna lie, I'm basically tailoring my whole look tonight around this lipstick. Enough said?

My Mason Jar Mustache Mug (AKA Trysh's Summer Drinking Mug!)
So I bought this mug at Michaels in the section where there's a ton of non-craft related stuff that always makes me want to hoard it. I don't have any need for 75% of that stuff, but I always want it because it's cute and it's cheap. This is one purchase from that section that I will main that I needed. I've dubbed it my Summer Drinking Mug because it has this handy lid and straw so that my cocktails won't spill when I'm a little tipsy at a bonfire. Also... It's just cute. I'll drink anything out of it. Except beer, because drinking beer with a straw is weird and wrong and I do not like it. But everything else, bring on the Summer Drinking Mug!!!

MOVIE: Goodbye World (2013)
This movie got crappy reviews, I just went and checked. But I have to say that I really, really liked it. The premise is basically that a computer virus essentially ends the world as we know it and a group of college friends retreat to this cabin in the mountains in Northern California that's been fully stocked and prepared for this eventuality. It's seriously unlike any apocalypse movie that I've ever seen, because it's not really an apocalypse movie. I feel like these people react like human beings - emotional, sometimes selfish, scared, individual human beings. And I really liked that. It's not perfect and sometimes it felt like the characters were being pretty petty and willfully ignorant of the situation surrounding them... but doesn't that seem more real than falling into fast-paced-hero survival mode? Anyway, bad reviews but I liked it... Story of my life.

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