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So... I'm gonna be really honest. Mostly this post is about me being able to peruse the Sephora website for things that I'd really like to buy. I anticipate that when my birthday comes around at the beginning of next month I'll end up with at least a couple of Sephora gift cards (mostly because that's the only thing I asked for), so I'll certainly pick up at least a couple of these things in the near future. That said, I figured that I would make a wish list of things that I really want for the blog - for people in my life who are anti-gift card and also for myself so that I can remember what I wanna pick up. And for YOU, dear reader, because this stuff is great!

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1. L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil
Formulated with more than 50% almond oil, this light, fine body oil effectively helps skin feel firmer and smoother. Skin feels nourished and more supple thanks to the ideal combination of almond oil and camelina oil, rich in omegas 3 and 6. This balance provides suppleness and comfort to the skin. A silicium derivative leaves skin looking firmer and tighter.

I had a sample of this from my Sephora Favorite Beauty Oils kit that I picked up at the beginning of this year and this product was probably tied for being my absolute favorite (along with the NUDE ProGenius Treatment Oil, by which I am obsessed) product in the kit. In fact, this set me off on a tear of obsession with almond oil. It smells amazing, it feels amazing, and it leaves my skin so soft and silky that I just wanna grope myself. And really, that's when you know a body product is a real winner, if you ask me. Did I mention that it smells heavenly? It's a little spendy, I admit, but I seriously think that it'll be worth every penny.

2. L'Occitane Almond Milk Veil
A 2-in-1 body milk which moisturizes and firms the skin, with a ultra-light and fresh texture. With an ultra-light and express texture, this body milk combines almond oil, milk and proteins with silicium to nourish, soften and firm the skin.

Now, this is a product from that same line that I haven't tried, but I love the idea of that ultra light texture and I feel pretty sure that I'd like it on my skin. And, I mean really, if it smells like the Supple Skin Oil (which the Internets tell me that it does) then it's pretty much a winner in my book. I actually need to make a greater effort to use body moisturizers because I tend to slack on that regard, and I have the distinct feeling that I would get better results and be more likely to use a higher end body lotion than the Johnson's Baby Cream that I use religiously on my winter skin. Did I mention that this almond scent is amazing?

3. L'Occitane Almond Travel Kit
An indulgent five-piece collection enriched with the mouthwatering scent of fresh almonds for silky, smooth skin.
This set contains:
- 2.5 oz Almond Shower Oil
- 1.7 oz Almond Delicious Soap
- 0.5 oz Almond Supple Skin Oil
- 1.7 oz Almond Milk Concentrate
- 0.3 oz Almond Delicious Hands

This is the last one, I swear. But, really, I would be more than thrilled to try out a selection of products from this line and I feel like this would be a pretty excellent place to start. I also really like travel sized items because I'm more likely to use them up. Confession, I'm a bit of a goo hoarder, so the larger bottles of product that end up in my collection end up tending to stick around a while because I'm sort of constantly moving on to the next new, exciting thing until I come back around to the older stuff. I really need to stop that. But... I bet these would all get used up. In fact, that body oil is one of the only products from that Beauty Oils kit that did get used up already. Did I mention that it smells amazing???

4. Glamglow Instant Camera Ready Skin Kit
A duo featuring a full-size Award Winning YOUTHMUD plus a bonus tube to get your skin instantly camera ready in as little as 10 minutes.
This set contains:
- 1.7 oz YOUTHMUD™ Tinglexfoliate Treatment
- 0.5 oz YOUTHMUD™ Tinglexfoliate Treatment

So Glamglow is one of the most hyped up masks I've ever encountered and I've been dying to try it. Unfortunately for me, the price tag has always been a little too steep for me to justify. I've thought about trying out the smaller size that is available at Sephora, and it's possible that I will still go that route, but this just seemed like a great little set. Yes, it is the same thing in both, but I'd love to have a little tube of the mask to take with me for traveling - or, more likely, to live in my boyfriend's bathroom for when I want to terrify him with my face in a mask. I, the mask obsessionist that I am, absolutely have to try this. And I will. Soon.

5. Boscia Tsubaki Cleanse & Hydrate Trio
A cleansing routine to hydrate and retain moisture for softer, brighter-looking skin.
This Set Contains:
- 1 oz Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel
- 0.7 oz Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask
- Mini Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Deep Hydrating Clay 

The last time I was in Sephora, I was helping a friend of mine pick out a new cleanser, since hers just wasn't getting it done for her anymore. The girl working there was giving suggestions and mentioned this Cleansing Oil-Gel. Now, I recently finished up my small sized bottle of the Boscia Makeup Break Up Cleansing Oil and I really liked it, so I was definitely drawn to that. When I saw this set, I was sold. I've wanted to try one of the Boscia konjac sponges and you know how I love a mask, so this is pretty much all win for me. And again, I don't mind the small sizes because it's a good way to figure out if I like them. Also. HOW CUTE.

6. BITE Beauty Luminous Créme Lipstick in Retsina
A lush, long-lasting, moisture-rich lip color.
Color: Retsina - Natural Pink

If you read my review of the BITE lipstick duo, you might remember that I loved the shade Lychee from the nude duo and was pretty bummed that it's limited edition. Now, this isn't the exact same shade, but the swatches are absolutely beautiful and I feel like it's about as close as possible within the permanent collection. I love the formula on these lipsticks and I really want to get at least 1 or 2 of the full sized ones because I feel like they'll become every day staples for me. So this is the one. I want it. It needs to get into my purse ASAP. Now, I definitely do find higher end lipsticks to be a little spendy - these are pretty much $10 more expensive than a MAC lipstick, but these are food grade products with ingredients to nourish your lips... so I can kinda justify it. Plus. It's really, really beautiful, mmk?

7. Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Cheek & Eye Palette
A limited-edition, colored clay eye and cheek palette for day to night looks.
This set contains:
- 0.14 oz Highlighter in Champagne
- 0.14 oz Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess™
- 0.21 oz Blush in Unleashed (nude rose)
- 6 x 0.035 oz eyeshadows in Bare to Explore (pink beige), Make a Mauve (plum mauve), Plum Away with Me (dark plum), Up to No Gold (gold), Tan-gled Up in You (tan), Don’t Turn A-Brown (dark brown)
- Step-by-Step Glamour Guide 

I feel like I don't even really have to give any explanation as to why I want this palette. It's absolutely gorgeous. I really like all of the Tarte products that I've tried and I've always been curious about these limited edition round palettes when they release them, but I've never wanted one enough to order it. I want this one and I'm going to order it. It includes a blush, a bronzer, a highlight, and 6 beautiful eyeshadows, so how can I go wrong? I feel like these are also the kinds of shades that I would get a lot of use out of. Honestly, what else can I say? Just look at it and tell me it's not gorgeous.

8. Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette
Cooler in tone than the original, Naked2 Basics complements Naked2 perfectly. We loaded this indispensable palette with six TAUPE-hued matte neutrals, including five never-before-seen shades. These shadows are neutral enough for anyone, from cool skin tones to olive complexions to darker skin.

When information about this palette hit the internet next week, it pretty much went directly onto my wishlist. I never invested in the original Naked Basics Palette, but I've often thought about it. However, I feel like this is the kind of palette that will get a lot of love from me and that I will use on a fairly day to day basis since it will be perfect to create the kinds of looks that I tend to stick to on Monday to Friday for work. Obviously the taupe toned shades won't be for everyone, just like the Naked 2 palette isn't for everyone, but they're absolutely my favorite. I'm in. Is this in stores yet?

9. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette
A palette featuring three shades of Ambient Lighting Powder, the high-tech, soft-focus finishing powder that recreates the most exquisitely flattering types of light. 

Is anyone surprised by this? Probably not. I've wanted this for ages and have made absolutely no secret of it. It's beautiful, don't you think? I had my makeup done at Sephora last year and, since the Hourglass rep happened to be visiting the store that day, the guy used all Hourglass products on me. I absolutely could not believe the radiance that a little bit of these powders gave my skin. Ever since, I've wanted the whole collection. Granted, my wallet won't allow it. But these palette of 3 shades gives a lot more bang for the buck, I think, and I feel like it would easily become one of the most favorite, most luxurious products in my collection.

10. BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask
A soothing, leave-on lip mask that replenishes moisture in lips. 

This is another one of those products that has recently been hyped to the moon. The last 2 times I've been at Sephora, it has been sold out. I've heard pretty much nothing but good things about it and... let's face it, the really hyped products are hard not to want to try out. I feel like this, if it is as good as everyone says, could end up being a really great winter product for me. On the prairies, we definitely have cold, dry winters that are murderous on your lips. Even people who take care to moisturize and protect their lips usually end up with dry, chapped lips at least once. Usually in January. January in Winnipeg sucks and I challenge anyone who says their winters are worse. Anyway, with hope that this is really as good as the people say, this gets a place on the list.

So there you have it... It wasn't actually intended to be a top 10 type of list, but I got to 10 and figured it was probably best that I stop there. Let's be honest, there's no way I'm going to get all of these things for my birthday, but it sure is nice to dream. I'll check back in sometime in September to let you all know which ones I managed to get my hot little hands on.


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