REVIEW: Bite Luminous Créme Lipstick in Retsina

by - September 10, 2014

I love birthday presents. Don't you love birthday presents? I pretty much have the best friends ever, I must say, and they not only indulged the fact that I am a grown woman who made a birthday wishlist on her blog but they also used it to shop for me. I got spoiled. Just saying. So, if you remember that post, you'll remember that this lipstick in this specific shade was on the list. And if you remember my review of the BITE Luminous Créme Lipstick Duo, then you'll remember that I'm pretty much in love with the formula of these lipsticks. Of course, the fact that they're natural food grade products that are made in Canada doesn't hurt even a little bit either.

So. Retsina. Keep reading for my thoughts!

Whoever it was that first decided that a rubbery, matte packaging was a good idea for makeup is pretty much my hero. No matter how charming I find packaging that's cute or ornate, my favorite it always something that's chic, modern, and simple. These BITE lipsticks (and really all of the BITE products that I've seen, really) fit that particular brief to a T. The shape of the cap, which pretty accurately mimics the shape of the top of most lipsticks, gives it a little something unique without being at all over the top, and I like that the only printing is a tiny, glossy logo on the very bottom of the cap. The matte charcoal tube is very sturdy and I'm going to guess that it's probably going to live in my purse for the foreseeable future since the cap snaps on tightly and stays there securely, so there's no worry of purse lint ending up in your product. I might even go so far as to say that this is my favorite packaging of almost all of the lipsticks that I own.

Thus far, I haven't tried a product from BITE Beauty that has left anything wanting when it comes to formula. In fact, I feel like you can really feel the quality as soon as you put it on. This lipstick definitely hits that mark. The formula is creamy and smooth, somehow managing to be kind of thick on the lips without feeling heavy. It's actually pretty difficult to explain, especially for a lipstick. I don't find this formula to be at all drying. In fact, I would say that it feels very rich and moisturizing when you apply it.  There is a slight smell to this product, but it doesn't smell fragranced in the least and is subtle and light enough that I can't imagine it bothering anyone. The same goes for the taste of it. It isn't without taste, but it certainly isn't flavored. One nice thing? It also, likely by virtue of being a natural, food grade product, doesn't have any kind of chemical tinge to the taste or scent of it.

Generally, with a product this creamy, I don't have very high expectations for wear time, but I found that this wore really, really well. I wouldn't go so far as to say that this product is long wearing, but it definitely held strong to my lips - and that is a feat in and of itself. Also, once the sheen wore off somewhat, I found that the colour still clung to my lips without any dryness or discomfort. 

Retsina: This shade is definitely what I would call a true pink toned nude. Oftentimes I notice that people refer to most neutral pinkish brownish shades as nudes, which I find to be incorrect, so I will tell you that this is definitely a NUDE shade. Not just a neutral, but a nude. I think that choosing the right nude is a pretty difficult undertaking that is very unique to each person. The right nude for me will likely be the wrong nude for almost everyone else in any given room. That said, I feel like this particular shade could work really well for a lot of different skin tones. 


Overall, if it wasn't already painfully clear, I'm pretty much in love with this lipstick. At this point, I have a feeling that me and BITE are about to get real close and Sephora is about to get a bunch more of my money.  If you're thinking about trying out some new lip products, I highly recommend BITE for the quality as well as the fact that they're all natural and Made In Canada.

BITE Luminous Créme Lipsticks are available at Sephora, in store and online, and retail for $28CAD.

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