FRIDAY FOREVER FAVORITES #2 - e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color in Natural

by - October 10, 2014

I had a hard time choosing what I was going to feature as my FFF this week, which probably has more to do with my leaving it to the last minute than to not having a plethora of options. Ultimately, I ended up thinking about the things that I keep in my purse with me and rarely, if ever, take out of my purse. Of all of my lip products (and I assure you, I have a stupid collection that I should probably feel a little bit of shame for... but I don't) this is one that I always gravitate towards and it seemed the natural choice to be featured today. Also, I do like to feature products that are a really affordable price but perform in a way that you can just say that it's great, not that it's great for the price point. So without further adieu...

My preferred lip look is definitely a matte or a creamy semi-matte lip in either a deep, punchy red, berry or wine shade or a soft, subtle nude shade. While I feel like my colouring (pale skin, dark hair, blue eyes) is well suited for a deep, striking lip, it can be a lot harder to find a nude shade that suits my skintone and doesn't wash me out and make me look dead. The curse of a pale woman is the struggle to not look dead, I think. Anyway, I've found that finding a nude, matte shade can be even more difficult because formula tends to be finicky and a nude shade can definitely tend to be more flattering with a little bit of shine. But I refused to give up and then I met this one and it was love at first application. 


Anyone who likes to wear a matte lip knows that the formula is the key. No one wants to spend a day wearing a matte lipstick that makes their lips feel uncomfortable tight and dry or one that's going to flake off or apply like a patchy mess. This one definitely checks all the boxes for me. Application is smooth and full colour, speaking to pretty great pigmentation, without any issues of patchiness in the finish. It's not as long wearing as some other matte lipsticks, but I still find it to be quite enduring while still feeling comfortable and non-drying on the lips. I think this might be one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I've ever worn... and I've worn many.

For me, the best part about this lipstick really is the shade. It's a little bit darker than your typical nude, which means it doesn't get anywhere near looking like concealer, with just enough pink and just enough warmth that there's no risk of looking like you're hypothermic... or the undead. The result on me, I feel, is a lip that doesn't detract from the rest of my makeup or make too much of a statement, but instead brings a look together to look polished and complete in a way that's distinctly flattering. It really might be my absolute perfect nude lip colour. (Although it may be tied with Retsina from BITE, which is more of a cream finish but similar in tone and shade.)

One last thing about this lip colour that I think bears noting is that it does have a flavor on the lips. I can't really place it, it's sort of sweet and fruity like fruity Mentos, and I actually find it kind of pleasant. However, this is definitely not the product for someone who vehemently dislikes a flavor in their lip products.

So there you have it, another FFF in the can! Have a great weekend! XO.

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