REVIEW: Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix 2014

by - November 10, 2014

At this time of year, every cosmetics and skin care brand seems to be coming out with their various curated holiday sets and everyone goes pretty much mad with power over them. Can you blame us? For me, the company whose sets I was really looking forward to hearing about was definitely Bite Beauty. 2014 has been the year of Bite Beauty lip products for me and I was looking forward to a value set to soothe my inner lip product hoarder. So when I saw this set, which include 4 mini sizes of Bite's High Pigment Lip Pencils, it was pretty much a given that I was going to buy it - especially after I did the math and figured out what a genuine deal it is price wise.

Keep reading for a closer look and my review of the included products...

The great thing about holiday gift sets is really the value of many of them and this one is definitely no exception. This gift set retails for $29CAD. The full size High Pigment Pencils contain 0.09oz of product and retail for $28CAD. This set includes 4 miniature sized High Pigment Pencils at 0.05oz of product, so just over half. The value of the product in this set is $61.60CAD. I happened to buy this during the VIB sale, which meant that what I paid was just over $23. A pretty amazing value, if you ask me.

Bite Beauty knows how to do packaging. Of everything in my collection, I might even say that the sleek matte grey packaging of Bite products are some of my absolute favorites. This particular set comes in a red tin, very similar to an Altoids container if we're being honest. The tin has a matte red coating with the same rubberized type finish as the Bite lipsticks and just a simple raised B Bite logo, which is the only embellishment of the packaging. It also has a full sized mirror in the lid, which makes this an absolutely perfect set to throw in your purse for a selection of on-the-go lip colours and the ability to conveniently touch up with the accompanying mirror. The pencils themselves are the standard matte grey packaging with a glossy knob on the bottom featuring the color of the product itself, making it easy to know which colour you're grabbing. I swear, this set could not be packaged better than how it is, if you ask me. Good job, Bite!

This set contains four 0.05oz. miniature High Pigment Lip Pencils in the following shades:
Pomegranate is described as a "rich red", and that really couldn't be more on point. This red definitely feels really neutral, but I would say it probably is blue based. This, as far as I'm concerned, is the perfect deep red shade that would suit every single skintone for that amazing power red lip.
Rhubarb is described as a "plum rose" and I'd say that's pretty accurate. I probably would have described it as a medium-deep mauve shade, somewhat deeper than a traditional your-lips-but-better type shade. This is an incredibly wearable, versatile shade.
Sable is described as a "nude". I actually find that the warm, almondy shade of the knob on this tube to be a little bit misleading. This nude definitely runs more pink than anything else. It's very flattering and subtle on the lips and makes a fantastic every day kind of lippie.
Winterberry is described as a "festive raspberry red." You guys... this shade is beautiful. It's a perfect deep, bright berry shade that sits between red and purple really beautifully. Even though it could be a little scary to people who aren't used to bright or deep lip shades, somehow it still ends up looking really wearable and not too much.

As with all of the other products from Bite Beauty that I've tried, the quality on these pencils is absolutely incredible. While the wear time slightly varies, with the deeper shades having a somewhat longer wear time than the more neutral, wearable shades, they all do have solid wear time and are incredibly comfortable. The application of all four pencils is smooth and creamy, with full opacity in one swipe. Also, I do like this format because it makes it really easy to apply, particularly with the brighter shades which always require a little more precision in order to have that really nice shape to the lips.

If there were only one holiday set that I was going to pick up this year, I'd want it to be this one. It doesn't have bucketloads full of products, but the ones that it does have are completely on point, completely wearable, and give great versatility for different lip looks. For someone who is maybe just starting out with lipstick, I feel like this would be an amazing gift since it really does give you a little bit of everything... and everything is great. Honestly, I feel like if I had to only choose one brand of lippies to use exclusively, Bite would have it by a landslide.

Do you have a favorite Bite product or a favorite lip set this year?


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