REVIEW: Phytorelax Mandorla Corpo & Oilo

by - December 09, 2014

Even though I talked about this body lotion in my November favorites, I decided that it needed its own post and that the body oil needed to be included as well. Anyone who reads this blog with any kind of frequency or knows me at all knows that I'm pretty much obsessed with almond scented body products (and if I could find something to make my hair smell like this without weighing it down and gluing in to my head, I'd be on it.) I actually picked up this body oil at Winners first, since my Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil was running low, and was instantly obsessed with it, so I obviously had to grab the lotion as well. These products hail from Italy and I haven't found a convenient way to order them online yet - and trust me, I've tried - but I've seen more of them at Winners since so it's worth a look.

Even though I spoiled it by telling you how obsessed I am with both of these products, keep reading for more of my thoughts...

Mandorla Corpo Body Lotion
Our Body Lotion, smooth and velvety, it is ideal for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Enriched with pure organic sweet almond oil, famous and much appreciated for its softening and soothing properties, for restoring skin and countering the effects of aging.
There are actually several things that I love about this lotion. The first is obviously the scent, which definitely pulls me in straight from jump. If you haven't experienced the joy of almond scented things, you're completely missing out. I would describe it as being a little bit sweet, but mostly nutty and warm somehow. I just think it's such a beautiful smell, I want to bask in it as often as possible. The second thing I love, though, is obviously the most important. I love the way this works on the skin. I find that when I apply it, it takes a little bit of work to sink into the skin, but once it does there's no lotiony residue left on the skin at all. I would compare it to applying a dusting powder over the skin. It's dry (as in no moisture sitting on the skin) and silky smooth to the touch. I have no qualms about applying this right before I get into bed, because it isn't going to leave anything behind all over my sheet. Pet peeve, seriously. I hate a lotion that I have to worry about getting everywhere or gunging up my sheets. I also find that this keeps my skin really soft. When I wake up in the morning, everything just feels soft and lovely. It's not a super intense moisturizer, to be sure, so if you're dealing with some serious dry skin this probably isn't going to be enough, but for every day body moisture this is on point.

Mandorla Oilo Body Oil
Pure Sweet Almond Oil helps to restore skin from the signs of aging and can also be used as a massage oil for enhancing relaxation.
I bought this one first because I love almond oil after I get out of the shower, as the water always tends to leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable, and also for massage purposes. I have to say that I absolutely love it for both of those purposes and for a couple of reasons. Again, I'm all about the scent and I feel like I've beaten it into my dear readers heads more than enough times, so I'll stop now. Okay, maybe one more time at the end. Gotta be honest, right? The first thing that I love about this spray beyond the intoxicating scent is the nozzle. It's a spritz type nozzle rather than a pump, which I would probably hate if the spray wasn't very much controlled, but it really is. I feel like it gives a surprising fine and directed mist so that you're not having to worry about making a mess everywhere. The second thing I love is that I don't feel like it leaves any kind of greasy residue on the skin. Obviously it takes a little bit longer to sink in than the lotion does, but once it sinks it you're left with really silky skin and no oily slickness. Finally, I love the way that it makes my skin feel. It's hard to explain softness, isn't it? It feels really soft, silky and moisturized. Although, again, I would say that it isn't as deep a moisture as, say, coconut oil but I feel like it sinks into the skin better.

My overall thoughts on these two products are incredibly positive and I'm actually on a hunt to make sure I can repurchase these when I run out, particularly the body lotion since it's definitely going to run out faster. Like I said above, I have seen these at Winners and I highly recommend them if you do happen to come across them, particularly if you're as obsessed with this particular scent as I am. But really, the formula and performance is right up there with the scent for me on these.

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