by - January 19, 2015

For the past 20 years of our friendship, me and my best friend have had our tastes intersect on a great many things, but it's a pretty rare occasion when our musical tastes converge. When she told me that I had to listen to this song, I knew that there was about a 50/50 chance that I would like it... but I'm pretty sure that she knew it was 110% certain that this would be my new jam. She knows me better than anyone. And she was correct. We're talking instant obsession, instant need to own this album, and then no other music playing in my world for several days at least while I soaked this in. Seriously, this took Sia's place in my car. For the moment, anyway.

I've always loved music by women that is really easy to listen to, but has that edge of a little bit of darkness. I've never been the type to be particularly impressed by intricate musicianship as far as instruments are concerned, though I can appreciate the talent that it requires and acknowledge it's value. What, instead, always draws me to music are vocals and lyrics. For me, in most parts of my life, it's always about the words, and in music it's also so much about the voice singing them. I want to feel the emotion in a singer's voice, find a way to relate to it and empathize because I can connect somehow to what I perceive the inspiration to be. It's all about perception with music, I think. We can't really know what a musician is thinking when they write, but I feel like the best songwriters find a way to drawn you in and make you really feel like you do know what they were going through. 

Have I gone on and on enough about what I love about music?

Listen, my enjoyment of this song and also of Banks' album Goddess, really boils down to three things: 1) I love her voice. That smoky, sultry sound is always one that I'm going to be drawn to. 2) I love the lyrics because I feel like they're really well constructed and emotional. 3) I love the dark R&B sound of the music, it's a style of music that I've been loving a lot in the past few years. (See The Weeknd, whom Banks has toured with.)

So, what're you listening to this week? Any recommendations?

Check back next week for a Music Monday guest post!

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