REVIEW: L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24hr Foundation

by - January 29, 2015

I admit it... Whenever a new foundation comes out at the drugstore, I want to try it. Considering how often drugstore brands come out with new foundations, this isn't the healthiest desire. Still, when I saw this foundation and read/watched a couple of glowing reviews about it, I had to have it. Matte foundations used to be my absolute favorites, but these days I'm more drawn to something that has a more natural looking finish, which can be hard to find with the kind of coverage that I'm looking for. Even when it comes to high end foundations, I have trouble finding the perfect combination of coverage and finish, but I'm always on the hunt. As far as price point, this is pretty high for a drugstore foundation. I've seen it ranging between $17 and $20, with the lowest sale price I've seen being around $15. For me, that's expensive for the drugstore, especially considering my most recent favorite is the Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous foundation which is under $8. For me, if I'm going to pay over $15 for a drugstore foundation, it had better live up to my expectations.

So can the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation tick all the boxes for me? Keep reading for my thoughts!


Longwear without the compromise. Never masky, never cakey, never dull – Infallible Pro-Matte™ is L’Oréal’s new generation of longwearing makeup. The micro-sponge technology absorbs excess oil and shine to create a dimensional matte finish without the need for a heavy or caked-on look. Use a sponge to buff it out for a sheer and natural look or apply in layers for more complete coverage.
So... That description is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for in a foundation, right? And I have to say that it's pretty bang on as far as living up to those claims.

The packaging on this foundation is your pretty basic squeeze tube, which I have to admit I'm a little bit surprised by. Most of the L'Oreal foundations that I've really enjoyed have come in glass packaging, whether it be the tiny looking bottle of the True Match line or the pump top bottles of the True Match Lumi and the Visible Lift lines.  Admittedly, I'm a little let down by this packaging. It works well enough, but at this price point in the drugstore, I have to admit that I would much prefer a glass bottle with a pump. As squeeze tube packaging for foundations go, this one is pretty nice with matte black and red accents, so I can't complain too much. The only plus, for me, as far as squeeze tube packaging is that it's easier to get the last bits of it out, so I'll give it that. Still, glass bottles are always better as far as I'm concerned.


When it comes to actually using this product, I really can't say I have any complaints. I've applied this using my fingers, a brush, and a sponge and I find that all of those ways do apply the product quite nicely, with an even finish and varying degrees of coverage. I find that the most coverage comes from blending it with a brush while the sheerest coverage comes from using a damp blending sponge. 

The coverage of this foundation is really good. Even with a sponge, I find that it isn't actually sheer. It gives good coverage that evens out my skintone really nicely and leaves a natural, demi-matte finish that isn't at all shiny but also manages to keep from being flat and lifeless. I don't tend to build my foundation up a ton, but I did try putting a second layer of this on to see how it built on itself and I found that it still kept a really nice finish while giving me completely full coverage. This product claims to have an air-light texture, and I'm not sure I really know what that means, but I will say that once it sets on the face it really is light and I don't really feel like I'm wearing makeup even after two layers. So I guess that's what air light means?

My favorite thing about this foundation has to be the wear time. Obviously I haven't tested the 24 hour claim, because I don't sleep in my makeup and I don't even remember the last time I was up for even close to 24 hours, but I have worn it for a full day of work and well into the evening and I find that the coverage stays solid without any real trouble with shininess or the foundation breaking up. I don't think it maintains 100% of the coverage from morning until night, but it wears evenly and does keep my skin looking quite perfected and even. I also haven't found that this dries my skin out, which is definitely a problem that I've had with some matte foundations that I've used. Particularly when I need to maintain the moisture balance in my skin with extra precision because of winter conditions, I was worried about the possible drying qualities of a matte foundation, but this hasn't given me any trouble.

Overall, I think this is one of the best foundations I've tried from the drugstore - and trust me, I've tried a lot. I think that anyone looking for medium to full coverage with a natural matte finish would really enjoy this foundation.

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