MUSIC MONDAY - Sons Of The Sea

by - March 16, 2015

This weekend I actually listened to a lot of K-Pop. I don't know what it is about warm weather and K-Pop for me, but as soon as the temperature climbs I always want to dance around in my car it. Still, while I was getting ready to go out on Saturday, I popped in my headphones and put my phone on shuffle and was greeted (quite happily, I might add) with Sons Of The Sea - definitely a favorite.

Brandon Boyd can really do no wrong, as far as I'm concerned. For those of you unfamiliar, Brandon is the lead singer of Incubus, but he has also released a solo album and is also an artist and writer. I appreciate his work top to bottom, so it was no surprise when he released this album a couple of years ago that I was going to be on board. That said, I was really, really on board. This was the lead single on the album and has, perhaps, the sexiest video of all time, as far as I'm concerned. I mean, some people probably aren't going to be super into the whole writhing around in milk thing, but I'm in. 

Aside from the video, I love this song lyrically. I think that it's because it's a love song (or an intense attraction song) sung directly to the person it's intended for, but it manages to not be cheesy at all. Again, I feel like it's just sexy and there's something incredible about the kind of awe that he seems to be expressing when he says things like, "When I think that maybe I've seen too much, you come around dammit, I'm out of touch." 

Maybe it's just me... But I really, really love this song for exactly what it is.

Whoever made you must have had a talent for high design
How in the world did you get to be so fine?

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