eBay DEAL OR DUD: $1 Matte Liquid Lipsticks

by - May 20, 2015

You guys have probably seen these before, right? They seem to be kinda popping up online with varying levels of awe from the people presenting them all over the place. The final straw for me was when I saw them featured on xoVain, which is one of my personal favorite beauty blogs out there. That was when I finally decided that I needed to toss in the $4 that it would cost to get these three lippies to me - I mean, $4 is less than my morning coffee, so even if I hated the lippies, I wasn't going to be too upset about the cost. I don't really generally buy makeup on eBay, but these were calling to me. The name on these is MeNow Long Lasting Lip Gloss, but none of the listings that I found for these were titled that way. Also... This is so not a lip gloss, but we'll get to that.

Keep reading to take a closer look and find out whether I think these are a deal or a dud!

First off, let's talk about packaging. Considering the low cost of these, I'm actually pretty impressed with the packaging. They have a simple matte black lid and a plastic container that reminds me of a test tube. The branding is printed in silver (and has almost completely rubbed off one of my tubes already) and there is a dainty black pattern at the top of the tube. There is some slight inconsistency with the placement of the printing on the tube, but it's pretty minor. Overall, I'm actually really impressed at this packaging for the price.

As I said above, these say lip gloss on the tube, but they absolutely are not a gloss. These are a very highly pigmented liquid lipstick that sets to a very matte finish. There is really nothing glossy about it. It takes a little longer, but it definitely sets, and once it has set it's almost impossible to get off without working some serious oil onto the product to loosen it. One weird thing about this product, however, is that the more it sets the stickier it gets. It's really strange, because it won't be sticky if you touch your fingers to your lips, but if you touch your lips together they will stick. I find that the only remedy to the stickiness is to feather a little bit of translucent powder over it. I also find that if you put this on too thick, it will eventually start to flake and ball up on the lips - which, let's face it, is gross to both look at and feel. When you apply a thin layer, you actually get really opaque coverage and it seems to wear more evenly without flaking. This is a really long wearing product, especially if you don't fiddle too much with your lips like I do.

The three shades I chose seemed like they would be some of the most wearable, which is why I chose them, and they also seemed like some of the most popular. I have to say, I really wanted #3 rather than #2, but it was sold out at a lot of sellers. I have to say that all three of these tend to look a fair bit different in the tube than on the lips. #2 looks like a rosy neutral in the tube, but I feel like it's brighter with more of a coral-y pink tone on the lips. #16 is a cool toned mauve pink shade, but on the lips I find that it shifts to a brighter berry tone as you wear it. #18 is a neutral that pulls quite caramel in the tube, but on the lips it has a lot more pink to it. Honestly, though I was a little surprised by the differences in shade, none of them really disappointed me all that much. I think overall, they all tend to pull more pink on the lips than they look in the tube - so if that's not your thing, it's definitely something to be aware of.

Overall, I think these are a pretty great product for the price. At a higher price point, the stickiness on the lips would probably be a deal breaker for me, but I'm willing to work with it at this price point. Does that make sense? I think these are all pretty, wearable shades that will definitely get use in my collection. If you're a fan of this format of lipsticks but are on a tight budget, I definitely think these are worth a try. I wouldn't put them on par or say that they're dupes for higher end products, but they definitely get the job done for the price.

Have you tried these liquid lipsticks yet? Do you have plans to?

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