REVIEW: Essence The NUDES Collection - Fall 2015

by - August 26, 2015

I love when Essence releases new products - it's definitely a run out and grab them as soon as they're released kind of a thing. You guys know all about my love for Essence and probably also about my love for all things neutral. For me, these products are pretty much the best of everything - and the products that have been out overseas for a while that I've been dying to get my hands on. In case you were wondering, these are NOT Trend Edition products so you don't have to rush out to try and get your hands on them. Now, even though I wanted to, I didn't grab all of the new releases from this collection, but I did get my hands on a few of the products and I can't wait to tell you guys how they perform!

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Longlasting Lipstick Nude in Cool Nude
You guys know that of all three of the nude lipsticks featured in this collection, the cool toned mauve nude shade was the one that I would be going with. I love this paired with my ride or die Essence Lip Liner in Satin Mauve, because the two are pretty much a match made in heaven. I've actually reviewed a similar shade from Essence Longlasting Lipstick collection before and I already loved the formula, so I'm happy they released some permanent nude options to the collection. Also, I love that the packaging corresponds with the shade inside. It love when companies do that with lip products.

I Love Trends Nail Polish The Nudes - Nude Sweet Nude
I'm still kind of surprised that I gravitated towards this shade, since I tend not to be a fan of metallic polishes in general, but there was something about this bronzed champagne shade that I just couldn't resist. It's a nice formula that dried fairly quickly and really does give a gorgeous metallic shine. I actually have this on my toes right now, since that's where I prefer to use metallic shades, and I absolutely love them. I have a feeling this is going to be a go to for my toes over the winter, since I like to keep the polished but I also like to keep them fairly neutral during the colder months.

I Love Trends Nail Polish The Nudes - I'm Lost In You
I absolutely had to have this one and I'm so glad that I grabbed it. I was expecting this to be a typical créme texture, but instead I found that it's actually more of a crelly. This is definitely thicker upon application, but not at all goopy, and levels itself really beautifully. This one definitely takes a little longer to dry, but not uncomfortably longer. I would call this shade a pale pinky caramel nude that almost seems to disappear. On my skin, this is definitely a true nude and absolutely perfect for work. The way I like this best is a single coat to just give some evenness and shine to the nails and perfect the appearance of them without adding too much colour.

All About Eyeshadows Palette in All About Chocolates
I actually asked a friend to pick this up for me in the US recently, since it hit shelves there sooner than it did here... Of course, within a couple of weeks it was on the shelves here as well. This palette is similar in quality to the other All About Eyeshadow Palettes, with the shadows being quite pigmented, creamy, and soft. I find that these shadows apply best with a sponge tip applicator, because they are very soft and very firmly packed in the pan and a brush simply doesn't pick them up the way I need it to. Also, they do have a tendency to hard pan if you use your finger to apply them. I must say that I do have a bit of a problem with the shade selection. I think this is a good selection of shades, though I would like to see a shade in here that would surprise me. Still, this is a workhorse kind of a palette that I think will serve a lot of people. I would actually recommend this palette especially for people who are just getting into makeup.

Just a quick second opinion: My best friend is pretty much in love with this palette - and I don't think she's ever been in love with a palette before!

This collection also contains the new Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, 2 more shades of lipstick, and 2 more shades of nail polish. I have seen all of these products in the permanent disaplays, so I assume that this entire collection is permanent.

In Europe, a selection of eyeshadows were released with this collection that I would pretty much dance naked in the streets in order to have in my life. Just saying. Are you listening, Essence? Naked street dancing for eyeshadows!

Overall, I really like what Essence is putting up here. I feel like these are perfect shades for fall that a lot of people will absolutely love to have in their collections. For me, the biggest winners of the collection are the Cool Nude lipstick (which is perfection, in my book) and the I'm Lost In You Nail Polish.

Will you be picking up any of the new Nude products from Essence? Let me know in the comments!

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