REVIEW: Makeup Revolution #LIPHUG Lipstick in Love Can Set You Free

by - August 25, 2015

After my first Makeup Revolution haul, I decided that I needed to try some of their lip products - as you do - so I got in on a second order with my friend when she decided to grab a few more things. If the cost of shipping is making you hold off on ordering from somewhere, I highly recommend going in with a friend and splitting the cost because it really does make the whole process feel more affordable. Anyway, when I was looking online for suggestions of what to pick up as far as lip products were concerned, I saw a lot of recommendations for the #LIPHUG lipstick so I decided to pick one up. I've actually been using this for quite a while and I'm definitely ready to give you my thoughts!

Keep reading for a closer look & swatches!

First off, you know we're going to talk about the packaging. Unfortunately, I have literally nothing good to say about this packaging. It's cheap. It's not particularly nice to look at. And the biggest sin, for me, is that I can't throw it in my purse because the lid snap is so flimsy that it literally came uncapped in my drawer just from being lightly jostled with other products. I literally just picked it up and dropped it from an inch above my desk and the lid popped off. Ugh. Very disappointing. If I had to say one night thing about the packaging, it's that the sticker on the very end is very true to shade and clearly displays the name, which would make it good for storing in some kind of lipstick holder.

Another thing that is a little disappointing for me is the scent of this product. The only way I can think ti describe it is that it's cheap makeup that's trying to smell somewhat sweet, but really ends up smelling like sweet paint. It reminds me a little bit of the smell of Maybelline lipsticks, which I also really don't like the smell of. Now, I don't find the scent lingers on the lips, but it's very apparent when you're applying the product. I can't really detect any taste from this product, which is nice, but I would say that the scent could definitely be a deterrent to a lot of people.

Now, onto the good things about this lipstick! I absolutely love the texture of it. It's a creamy consistency that isn't too thick and feels very smooth and hydrating on the lips. There's a glossiness to the finish that just gives a healthy, pouty look without looking over the top, and I think that a lot of people would really like the look of it - at least in this shade. It doesn't have extremely long wear time, which I would say is true for most lipsticks in this type of formula. However, it does linger a decently long time on the lips without bleeding or traveling. My favorite thing about this product is how comfortable it feels on the lips. It's almost like wearing a balm rather than a lipstick, but it is neither too thick or too slippery. It really is a great combination!

If you read this blog, you already know that this is my type of shade as soon as you see the picture. In the lip swatch, I feel like it's pulling a little lighter than it looks in person but it's pretty true to tone. I would call say that this shade falls somewhere between a nude and Your Lips But Better shade - and it's great. I feel like there's a bit of sheerness that seems to make the colour combine with your natural pigmentation so this shade will adjust and look different on different skin tones, but I suspect it would be flattering on most. I just love the colour. I mean... This still lives in my desk at work even though I hate the packaging and the smell, so that says something to just how much I love the shade and the formula, doesn't it?

Do I think this is a must have? No, probably not. But I do think that if you're looking for a very affordable, work appropriate lippie to keep in your desk drawer and you're not too sensitive to scent, this could be a possible choice for you. It really is beautiful on the lips!

Thanks for reading!

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