REVIEW: Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions*

by - August 31, 2015

*Product was provided for review. 

I've always wanted to try hair extensions since my hair has always stopped growing around the middle of my bust, but since I cut about 8 inches of hair off earlier this year I've really, really wanted to try hair extensions. Just ask my boyfriend, to whom I've said far too many times that I want Victoria's Secret model hair. He literally has no idea what what I mean by that. You know exactly what I mean though, right? Long, full locks in loose curls that give off an easy going but still glamorous and put together appearance. Ahhhh, yes please! Anyway, I recently had a chance to take a first crack at my very first try with hair extensions using the Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions* and it was finally - FINALLY - my chance to try VS Model hair on for size.

Keep reading for a closer look at these extensions, my thoughts, and before and after photos!

About Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions*: 
We use top of the line hair and a special treatment unique to Irresistible Me to add extra silkiness and durability and make these the best hair extensions you can find. The thickness of the hair is amazing - the same from the top of the weft to the bottom. This provides a lot of body and bounce while wearing them. Ultimately, the Royal Remy hair will last longer and is the closest match you can find to completely unprocessed hair. If you're looking for longevity and volute, the Royal Remy line is the best choice you could make.
The extensions that I chose are the 200g 20" Royal Remy Hair Extensions in the shade Royal Medium Brown #4. These didn't actually match me when I chose them, since I had been wearing a pretty intense balayage all summer, but I decided to colour my hair to match them since I do generally like to bring my hair back to being darker for the end of summer/fall anyway. However, since these are made with real human hair, you can colour treat them or tone them to better match you if you don't want to change your own hair. Obviously, you can also heat style them and wash them the way you would your own hair - though I definitely wouldn't wash them as often so that you can prolong the life of the extensions.

When you receive your Irresistible Me hair extensions, they're packaged in a pouch with the bulk of the hair on one side and 1 weft packaged separately on the other side. The idea is that you open the 1 weft side to check the colour match, length and quality of the extensions. If, for some reason, you're not satisfied with them, as long as the left side with the bulk of the hair is still sealed and untouched you can send them back for return or exchange. This is clearly marked on the packaging, which is nice so that there's no confusion.

Up close the hair looks healthy and shiny!

As you can see from the photo, the quality of this hair is very, very good. It's got dimensional colour, which helps it to look really natural, and a very healthy shine to it. It's also incredibly soft and silky, which means that when I'm wearing the extensions I'm pretty much constantly running my fingers through the ends like I'm a supervillain and they're a cat. Poor visual? Anyway, I have absolutely no complaints about the quality of the hair. Granted, this is my first try of hair extensions, but I know I've seen other women with extensions that definitely weren't up to this quality.

This is all of the hair laid out... So much hair!

One thing I've learned? 200g is a LOT of hair. It's enough hair that I haven't actually been able to wear all 10 wefts out of the house yet because they weigh so much and my fine haired head is not used to the weight. The times that I have worn these, I've worn about 6-7 clips and that is more than enough to give my a lot of volume and blend my hair in quite well. One thing I will tell you is that these clips are pretty great. They have a strip of rubber (I think it's rubber?) in the center so they really grip the hair and hold tight so that there's no slippage throughout the day.

The 4 Clip Weft is so full and lush all on its own!

There are 10 wefts included in this set. The largest has 4 clips and, as you can see in the photo above, it's quadruple wefted so there is an absolute ton of hair there. If my hair was longer and I was just looking for volume, I feel like this would be the perfect addition to just throw in my hair by itself to amp everything up. Also included are (2) 3 clip wefts, (5) 2 clip wefts, and (2) 1 clip wefts. After watching some really great Youtube tutorials, I was able to really get a good handle on how to clip them in and blend my shorter hair, and I think I did a pretty decent job for a beginner.

In case you're wondering, I used a Reverse Curling Wand to style these.

VS MODEL HAIR! It's going to take a little bit of practice for me to figure out how to style these just the way I want them, but SERIOUSLY, I love the way they look. I feel like I'll definitely bust these out when I want to be a little more glamorous or girly, because with the very long hair I really do feel like I look like a completely different person. Definitely not in a bad way though!

20 inches reaches all the way to my waist in the back!

Overall, I have to tell you guys that I am overwhelmingly impressed with the Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions* and I pretty much want to wear them every day - and probably would if it wasn't so hot out and I actually knew how to style these in some kind of sassy updo, which I'm working on. This fall/winter is going to be hair extensiontastic over here, let me tell you, because I'm already imagining these with a floppy toque and I absolutely can't wait!

A couple more occasions that I wore these in selfies, just for good measure...
The exhaustion is real... But the hair is GOOD.

Hair extensions are definitely an investment and I think this is one of those situations where you get what you pay for. If you're interested in a good set of extensions, head over to Irresistible Me and check out what they have to offer. At a lower price point, they have the Silky Touch Hair Extensions, which I've also heard good things about.

Thanks for reading!

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