REVIEW: Luz De La Riva Couture Intimate Cosmetics*

by - November 05, 2015

*Products were provided for PR purposes.

So... What are "Intimate Cosmetics", you ask? I had the same question when I was considering trying out these products for review. The answer, that these are products that "work to balance a woman's sensuality and sexuality", didn't necessarily tell me as much as I wanted to know... So here's my definition, which I thought of after getting out of the shower having used one of these products. I feel like these products work in very much the same way some sexy lingerie can. Lingerie isn't always meant for someone else, in fact I'd say that for me it's more often about how I feel about me than how someone else feels about me, but it can be used to entice someone and draw them in. There's something empowering about feeling sexy, even outside of a sexual context, and I think all women like to feel that kind of empowering sexiness. Hence, Intimate Cosmetics.

So without further adieu... Keep reading to take a look at each of the products - and be warned that you might find the packaging NSFW.

About the brand:
Luz de la Riva was inspired by natural aphrodisiacs, appealing scents, and their titillating effects on the mind, body and senses, to create a line of cosmetics are not only multi-functional, but also flatter a range of desires and fantasies. That is where the term “Intimate Cosmetics” was born! Luz de la Riva Couture Intimate Cosmetics line of oils, body washes, fragrances and candles can be used daily and encourages women to indulge in the luxury of passion to be everyday sexy.

Zoë All Natural Sensual Body Lotion in Marrakesh*
When massaged onto the body, Zoë's silky massage lotion imparts seductive aphrodisiacal aromas while nourishing the skin. Exclusively formulated for Luz De La Riva with natural ingredients and fresh fragrances, Zoë is exceptionally distinct and incomparably divine.

THIS SCENT. Of the three scents that I received, Marrakesh is by far my absolute favorite. The notes in this fragrance are pink pepper, mandarin, geranium, peach, patchouli and amber, and the combination is just insanely sexy and enjoyable. I did get my boyfriend to give me a massage using this lotion, as an experiment, and it didn't have quite enough slip that I would use it as a massage lotion again but it did leave my skin feeling soft and silky with a lot of that gorgeous fragrance left behind and really lingering on my skin. Of the three products, I would say that this one is probably my favorite.

Lola All Natural Intimate Body Wash in Wild Orchid*
Lola's Intimate Body Wash is a multi-functional rinse that cleanses, moisturizes, soothes and restores ones skin back to its flawless state. Formulated to provide a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and softness. It contains natural extracts that maintain and benefit the physiological conditions of the feminine intimate area. Lola contains vitamin E, which protects and nourishes skin cells. Lola also contains amino acids from silk and lanolin, and it's completely free of parabens and SLS.

When I first smelled this product, I felt like it would be too aggressively floral for me to really enjoy the scent of it, but once I actually used it I absolutely loved the scent of it. The notes in this product are vanilla, orchid, cactus flower, clementine, chamomile, mimosa, wood, black currant and white amber, and it's just... incredibly sexy and feminine. For me, this actually makes a really nice all over body wash and I can appreciate that it's going to be kind and gentle to my lady bits. (Yes, I said "lady bits" and yes, I do feel kind of weird about it.) Because this doesn't contain SLS, this doesn't get really foamy, but I used it on my exfoliating glove and it did a really good job of cleaning my skin without any tightness afterwards. Overall, I'm actually really happy with this body wash.

Olivia All Natural Kissable Arousing Nipple Cream*
Created with natural ingredients and aphrodisiacal flavors, Olivia enhances sensation when massaged into the nipple. When consumed, Olivia opens the taste buds and gently stimulates the breast for a unique and electrifying experience.

It took me a little bit of thinking to decide how exactly I was going to review nipple cream, but let's just get to it. First of all, I was expecting this to be a sort of slippery, lotiony texture, but it's quite a bit thicker than I would have guessed. The best way I can describe it is sort of like room temperature coconut oil. It's thick and quite firm, but once it hits your body heat it starts to loosen up and sort of melt into the skin. Because it's so incredibly thick, it can be a little tricky to get out of the tube, but I almost feel like that can be a blessing in disguise because you don't have to worry about glopping out too much product. I have to say I was really, really surprised by how good it tasted. (Yes, of course I had to taste it!) I don't get a lot of the mint in the flavor, though it is very present in the smell, but it tastes really deliciously like chocolate. I would definitely say that this is a fun novelty type product that couples could have a good time with. I like that it is all natural ingredients, specifically because it is actually meant to end up in your mouth. Overall, not a bad product!

My overall thoughts on this line are actually really positive, moreso than I actually thought they would be before I tried them. I would avoid these like the plague if you are sensitive to strong scents, because these are definitely very, very scent heavy. However, I did actually find that I even enjoyed the scents that I didn't think were going to be to my taste once I actually put them into action and each of these products is available in multiple scents, so I feel like everyone who can handle strong scents could probably find something that they would like in this line. Beyond being meant for a sensual type experience, I do feel like the lotion and the body wash are actually good, usable products. The Nipple Cream, of course, is something of a different story and should probably be used specifically for novelty with a partner.

Honestly, guys, I feel like there's something really great about this type of line for women. Like lingerie, which can make you feel sexy and powerful even if no one is ever going to see it other than you, this type of product that is intended to make a woman feel sensual and sexy can really add to that feeling of power and beauty that has nothing to do with the male gaze - or really anyone's gaze other than your own. Sometimes, I think, that is a big deal.

Thanks for reading!

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