FRAGRANCE: Foolproof Blending with Demeter Fragrance Library

by - January 27, 2016

*Product was provided for PR Purposes.

It wasn't until Demeter came out with their Foolproof Blending kits that I realized that one of the absolute coolest things that you can do with Demeter fragrances is to blend them. I feel like that is probably what all of these really unique, specific fragrances were likely designed for. I had the opportunity to try a couple of their Foolproof Blending kits and play mad scientist in order to create some really cool, custom blended fragrances and I have to admit that I'm a little bit in love with the idea - and have every intention of busting out my significant collection of Demeter Fragrances and mad sciencing even more custom scents that work just for me!

Keep reading for more info and to hear about my own personal custom fragrance!

I received the Foolproof Blending Duo in Clean Skin & Sunshine* as well as the Foolproof Blending Base Note Trio in Vanilla* to try out, and I feel like this is a pretty perfect combination of scents for my taste. However, there is a pretty big selection of different sets to choose from, so there really is something for everyone. 

Trios that are currently available are:
  • CLEAN (Sunshine, Clean Skin, Musk #7)
  • LIGHT FLORAL (Daisy, Danelion, Lavendar)
  • VANILLA (Hawaiian Vanilla, Angel Food, Gingerbread)*
  • WATER (Rain, Salt Air, Great Barier Reef) 
  • SMOKEY/INCENSE (Bonfire, Fireplace, Amber)
  • HEAVY FLORAL (Pruning Sheers, Violet, Apple Blossom) 
  • WOOD (Patchouli, Gin & Tonic, Sandalwood)
Additionally, a new Foolproof Blending Trio will be launched monthly during 2016.

 The trios that are launching in 2016 are:
  • EARTH (Dirt, Beetroot, New Zealand)
  • CHOCOLATE (Chocolate Mint, Moonbeam, Special Dark)
  • CITRUS (Tangerine, Sweet Orange, Dragon Fruit)
  • EDIBLE (Vanilla Cake Batter, Strawberry Ice Cream, Coconut)
  • FRUIT (Golden Delicious, Cherry Blossom, Orange Cream Pop)
  • GREEN (New Leaf, Ivy, Wet Garden)
  • HERBAL (Parsley, Provence Meadow, Green Tea)
  • SPICE (Black Pepper, Cardamom, Fresh Ginger)
The duos (which include an empty bottle to customize your own fragrance and label as well as droppers and a funnel) that are currently available are:
  • Christmas Tree/Sweet Orange (Limited Edition)
  • Mulled Cider/Egg Nog (Limited Edition)
  • Apple Pie/Vanilla Cake Batter
  • Pumpkin Pie/Sandalwood
  • Blackberry Pie/Green Tea
  • Chai Tea/To Yo Ran
  • Jasmine/Lavendar
  • Clean Skin/Sunshine*
  • Patchouli/Baby Powder
You can also build you own trio, which really does make this completely customizable. Seriously, how did I not know this about Demeter until now???

Foolproof Blending Base Note Trio in Vanilla*

This is such an amazing trio, you guys! I would have thought that the "Vanilla" theme would have left me feeling like the scents were all too similar, but these are all very different versions of vanilla. Hawaiian Vanilla has that sweet, slightly tropical, soft scent that I think is absolutely gorgeous on its own but also helps to soften other scents a fair bit. Angel Food is very, very sweet, which I think works beautifully to sweetening up fresher or spicier scents quite easily. And finally, my favorite... Gingerbread has that perfect combination of sweet and spicy that I absolutely love in some of my favorite scents, which I think will make this one a go to for me with all of my blending.

Foolproof Blending Duo in Clean Skin & Sunshine

This blending duo is really lovely, and I think both scents would be really universal for a lot of people. Clean Skin smells exactly like you would think it does. It's a very soft scent with light floral, a little bit of citrus, and a hint of vanilla where none is overpowering and everything just mingles to a really beautiful, light scent. Sunshine is also a really lovely, soft scent that I feel leans a little bit vanilla and sweet as well, with maybe a hint of fresh yellow flowers. The thing that I love about both of these is that they're soft and I think they mingle really well with the other fragrances to create something really feminine.

So how does it work, you ask? Well, it's actually really simple: Experiment! You can blend these on the blending strips (and I had so much fun with this that I actually ran out so I just cut up some card stock to keep playing) or you can blend them right on the skin to see how they work with your chemistry. Like the photo above says, there really are no rules when it comes to blending and it's pretty much all about what you like! No need to be a professional nose to decide what you like and what works for you, right? 

Like I said, I tried several different combinations, but I just want to tell you about my personal favorites!

SUNSHINE + CLEAN SKIN: This is a beautiful, soft and ladylike combination that I think is really lovely for every day. When I smell this one, I feel like this is the kind of scent you wear during the day when you just want to smell pretty.

SUNSHINE + CLEAN SKIN + GINGERBREAD: This is a great combination for me because it smells fresh and clean, but also has some warmth and sweetness. This makes me think of the feeling you get when the weather starts getting a little cooler at the end of the summer. 

HAWAIIAN VANILLA & SUNSHINE: This is a bright & sweet combination that I think would be absolutely perfect for the summer. It has that sweetness and something that smells to me like tropical flowers really comes out when you combine these two. 

GINGERBREAD + HAWAIIAN VANILLA + ANGEL FOOD: This is by far the sexiest combination I came up with. The different notes of each of the vanilla fragrances combine to make a combination of sweet and spicy that is just... sexy. That's the best word to describe it.

ANGEL FOOD + CLEAN SKIN: This is a perfect combination of soft and sweet with a hint of floral, which makes me feel like this is going to be absolutely perfect for springtime.

Seriously, guys, this is one of the most fun beauty things that I've gotten to try recently and I suspect that me and my Demeter collection are going to be getting real close in the near future as I try out different combinations of my favorite scents. I have a feeling I'm going to find some real amazing combinations. I want to give a shout out to the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network (What's up, Writing Whimsy!) for the opportunity to try this out! You can check out some of the other members of the CBB's experiences below!

The Demeter Blending Duos and Trios are available online at! I'd love to hear in the comments about which of the scents you think would make great pairings for you!

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