REVIEW: NYX Lip Lingerie in Push Up & Embellishment

by - March 07, 2016

So clearly, when I first heard about NYX releasing these liquid lipsticks in a range of nude and neutral shades, I was over the moon with excitement. I mean, wasn't everyone? Matte, nude lips have been going strong for the past year and it was a pretty brilliant move on NYX's part to do a whole collection of them with a nude lip for everyone. That really is the great thing about this collection, because there's a wide range of shades in varying depths with varying undertones. I've seen some reviews that have compared them to the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks, which excited me as well since that's one of my favorite formulas! I decided to restrain myself and pick up 2 shades. I chose Push Up because it seemed like it would be a good, true nude shade for my skintone, and I went with Embellishment because... well, how can I be expected to resist a mauve lip shade?

Anyway, keep reading to take a closer look at the shades I chose and find out what I think about them!

About NYX Lip Lingerie:
Slip into something seductive with Lip Lingerie, our new weightless liquid lipstick with a plush matte finish. Available in a range of color-kissed nudes—from cinnamon pink and chocolate brown, to warm mahogany red and classic nude beige—each sultry shade will coat the curves of your lips with irresistibly creamy color.

First off, I really like the packaging that they went with on these products. They're reminiscent, to me, of higher end liquid lipsticks, which is always a positive. I also really like the way they're branded, without too much stuff on the front of the tube. Another thing that I really like about both these and the Liquid Suede Lipsticks is that they list the ingredients on the tube. For some people, that might seem too busy, but I like having the list right there rather than on a little paper that is inevitably going to end up in the garbage. Know what I mean?

The applicator of this product is fantastic. Like the Liquid Suede's, it's flat, which makes it a lot easier to be precise in your application, but this one is even longer and is quite slim which gives even more precision. I also feel like this applicator holds just enough product to cover your lips without being too thick.

06 Push Up
I would say that this is your kind of traditional, true nude shade. It's a pale beige with the slightest hint of peach to it, but I would definitely not call it a peachy nude. On the lips, it actually feels like it has a hint of grey behind it, and somehow that actually makes it look better on my skintone. I have to say that this is a kind of weird formula for me. It's very thick and moussey and when I first apply it, it sits on the lips a little bit weird. However, if I smooth my fingertip over it, the formula smooths right out and seems to melt into my lips a little bit better. I also find I do have to be careful not to apply too much or it does have a tendency to ball up on my lips.

I would say that this shade definitely has a bit of a tacky finish that never really goes away. It's not really sticky like some other liquid lipsticks that I've tried, but it does have just a little bit of tackiness that sticks around. That said, it doesn't transfer at all onto my coffee cup or the back of my hand when I do a kiss test.

02 Embellishment
First off, I've gotta tell you... This looked a lot more pinky on the NYX website. In real life, this is a very gray based purple shade that in my head I like to think of as Concrete Lavender. Sounds about right, doesn't it? As you can see in the swatches below, this is a very edgy shade that is, I have to say, very hard to make wearable on my fair skin. I think that on someone with a much deeper skin tone, this could be really beautiful, but on fair to light skin tones this is a very ballsy shade that I think I might be a little too old/chickenshit for. 

That being said, I do like the formula and I've found that this is actually a great shade for mixing in with pinks and berries to give them a more muted, slightly edgier but still wearable tone. In fact, one of my favorite lip looks that I've done in a while is this paired with Strumpet by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Something about the combo is just amazing. It also works quite nicely if you just apply a very thin layer and then blend it into the lips with your finger to give a pretty wearable mauve look.

As you can see, both shades carry a grey undertone that makes them very modern, which I think will be very appealing to a lot of different people. I feel like the gray based thing is definitely tied to very current nude shades and makes these very much on trend. For me, Push Up is a very wearable shade that I can wear on its own while I definitely need to pair Embellishment with a pinkier shade to get something that I think works for me. That said, I think a lot of people will really go crazy for the whole Concrete Lavender look.

Now... There's obviously a lot of things to like about these products, but there's one real sticking point that keeps me from loving them - THEY ARE SO DRY. I've heard these compared to the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks, which are one of my personal favorite formulas, but I definitely find these to be more drying and after I've worn them for a few hours my lips are pretty much screaming for some hydration. You can apply lip balm over these and maintain the colour, but it definitely is going to effect the staying power significantly. I would advise staying away from these if you have chapped lips or even any dry patches, or if you're very sensitive and need something hydrating on your lips.

So like I said, I like these and I think that they definitely have their place. For me, they're the first liquid lipstick from a drugstore brand that is genuinely matte and transfer proof, but they do come with the drying discomfort often associated with that. The shade range is fantastic, with nude and neutral shades for every skin tone, which I think will please a lot of people, and the grey undertone makes this shades very current and on trend.

Really, I'm on the fence about these, but I think that if they sound good or workable to you they are worth trying out - especially at under $10 each!

Thanks for reading!

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