ROUND UP: My Top 10 Favorite Fragrances

by - April 08, 2016

I don't actually talk all that often about fragrances here on the blog and I'd like to start doing more of that in the future. I've obviously talked about Demeter quite a bit, having been lucky enough to get to test out their products, but aside from that and the occasional Favorites mention I haven't really gotten into the fragrances that I love to wear. I choose what scent I wear on any given day based on 2 criteria. The first is seasonal,  because I definitely associate certain scents with certain times of year and I love to change my perfumes up as much as I love the change my makeup up. The second is much more important, though, and that's my mood. I actually choose a lot of things very specifically based on my mood. Makeup, fashion, and fragrance are all very much chosen based on how I feel on any given day and what I want to put out there accordingly. I'd love to hear if you're like that as well!

So if you want to take a closer look at some of my favorite scents for every season and mood, keep reading! Just be warned, I'm not the best at describing scents, so a lot of this will be about how these make me feel!

The Body Shop Red Must Eau De Parfum
This is described as combining spiced musk with notes of cinnamon and intense tobacco - and I couldn't have said it better myself. This is a very deep, smoky fragrance with a good amount of spiciness and it's absolutely appropriate for both men and women. The first time I smelled this, I fell absolutely in love with it and now it's my fall go to. This is different than anything else in my collection and has a kind of androgynous sexiness to it that I absolutely love. This is definitely not a scent for everyone, but it's by far one of my favorites. 

Armani Code Luna
I have to admit that I bought this on a whim while I was bored in an airport once, bored and itching to shop. Still, I love it and I find that I reach for it a lot when I want something soft, indisputably feminine, and just that little bit sexy. This combines floral notes with citrus and vanilla and I think the combination is lovely. Now, this isn't one that I reach for all the time because my instincts are usually to go a little less soft, but it's a perfect one for a spring or summer night. I really feel like this is sophisticated pretty, if that makes any sense.

Hanae Mori Butterfly Eau De Toilette
This is by a very wide margin my favorite summer fragrance. Described as a "rare combination of berries and flowers with a distinct tone of strawberry and almond, giving an impression of vanilla", this feels to me like a grown up, sophisticated version of the sweet fragrances I wore as a teenager. It really has definite sweetness, but it's not overwhelming or cloying in any way. For daytime wear in the summer, this can be counted on as the fragrance I reach for most frequently, and I consistently get compliments when I wear it. Mmmm. 

Prada Candy Eau De Parfum
Wanna talk about sweet? THIS BABY IS SWEET. The first time I smelled it, I thought there was no way I was ever going to be able to wear it, but then I got a sample to test out and I fell completely in love with it. The notes in this fragrance are Caramel, Musk, Vanilla and Benzoin, which obviously means sweet sweet sweet with a touch of sexy. That about sums this up for me. This is the scent I wore on my first date with my boyfriend and the one I wear on pretty much every date night now two and half years later. I don't actually wear this very often otherwise, keeping it more for special occasions, but it's an absolute favorite and lovers of very sweet perfumes absolutely need to take a whiff of this.

Kat Von D Saint Perfume
As bottles go, this one is my absolute favorite to have on display. Like everything Kat Von D does, there's an edginess to it that somehow doesn't take away from the femininity of it. I have to admit, I'm sitting here smelling this as I write this and it's hard to put my finger on. It's a combination of sweet and fruity, sexy with a hint of floral. How's that for all of the adjectives. I think that this is a sexy fragrance that is distinctly feminine without ever really feeling girly. This is another one of those summer night fragrances for me that somehow transitions into winter days. I picked this up before it was discontinued, but if you're interested in trying it, Kat Von D did bring it back and you can purchase it on her website! 

As you can see, I collect A LOT of miniature perfumes. This is very specifically because I want a wide variety, but I don't want to be wasteful and have bottles of every fragrance I love knowing that they'll go bad before I finish them. Also, I love trying out new scents so I like to pick up sets.  These 5 fragrances are BY FAR my favorites from my miniature collection and I would absolutely buy every one of them in full size.

CLEAN Cashmere Rollerball
To me, this is actually a perfect scent for all year long. I love this for winter days, because there's something warm and cozy about it but a brightness that I think is lacking in the winter, which I attribute to the lime notes. It's complex, but comforting, and again feminine without being girly. I think this is a fragrance that will appeal to a lot of people, because it combines a lot of different notes that I think would draw a lot of different people.

TOKYOMILK/DARK Tainted Love No. 62 Rollerball
I pretty much love everything TOKYOMILK/DARK does, I have to say, but Tainted Love is their most well known fragrance for a reason. This is an unapologetically sexy fragrance with a spicy depth and a hint of sweetness, combining vanilla bean, sandalwood, spices, and a hit of orchid. For me, this is another one of those scents that I think can work during any season, but I'm partial to it for night time wear because of the deep sexiness of it. I highly suggest everyone give this one a sniff.

LAVANILA Pure Vanilla Rollerball
This quite recently came in one of my Ipsy bags and it was love at first smell. This is vanilla in the way that my adult self wants vanilla to be. It's sweet without being too sweet and has a crispness to it that appeals to me a lot. I've only really worn this a few times so far, but I suspect it's going to be a go to for the summer because the scent just makes sense for the warmer months to me.

AERIN Waterlily Sun Eau De Parfum
This, for me, is 100& a spring/summer fragrance and I haven't really touched it all winter. There's a definite scent memory attached to it to me, but I can't quite place it. This is a distinct floral, but to me there's nothing dated or overly mature about it. It's very soft and feminine, with a freshness that makes it feel modern to me. Somehow I feel like this is the type of fragrance that you'd smell on a sophisticated, modern woman with the world at her feet. Too much? If you like florals, give this one a smell for sure, because it's lovely.

NEST Midnight Fleur Rollerball
Where the AERIN floral was fresh and light, this one has a creamy depth to it that I think lends itself to being the nighttime fragrance of the same type of woman who would wear Waterlily Sun during the day. Described as exotic wood, patchouli, and black amber blended with night-blooming jasmine and vanilla-orchid, this is a really sensual fragrance that I thinks carries a confidence of its own. I have to be in the mood for this one, for sure, but it's beautiful and I love wearing it.

How was that for an ambiguous, emotionally-rooted assessment of my favorite scents? I feel like scents are one area that is completely personal and based as much on scent memory as they are on the notes themselves and how they play together. I could find something to be the most beautiful scent in the world and there will be a lot of people who absolutely hate it, and that's just how it's always going to go.

I'd love to hear in the comments about some of your favorite fragrances!

Thanks for reading!

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